Blitz: Trump’s Spectacular State of the Jewnion (1-6-19)

Kyle reacts to the over-the-top hoaxathon that was the State of the Union, and discusses Trump’s plan to flood America with “the largest numbers ever” of legal immigrants.

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My favorite part of the state of jewnion address was when Trump was talking about the holohoax. As the camera was focused on one of the six million survivors there was a swastika clearly visible behind his left shoulder.


Holy crap, you’re right!
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Nice spotting , purposefully you think ?
Great show Kyle the constant Jew popping up at every event and in every movie is sickening .
Had a laugh with a workmate the other day he knows what I’m like but I tried to chill out and watch the second equaliser movie the other day ( yeh anti white themes a plenty ) and there’s this filthy goddam Jew harping about some painting he lost . I almost threw my water at the Tv I’m so sick of the victim playing rats constantly infecting every part of society I can only imagine how bad you guys have it .

Anthony Roberts

The jewish supremacists use their holohoax and ww2 shtick, as a mental stick, to beat that guilt into our cowering and apologetic race. They will continue to bash until there are too few capable Whites left to matter. Kyle and Sinead can only do so much in a day, so we all have a duty to spread the truth, about their lies. Great song to close.

Marc C. Daniele

Kyle- Great show, as always.
There were several things I could comment on/add to, but this is one I think some of our “historians” here need to know about. There is “combat footage” of the 20th Armored Div. liberating Dachau on April 27, 1945. The prisoners come out looking very healthy, etc., but when you see the “footage” from two days later (April 29, 1945), it’s a completely different story.

Lotti Von Hesse

Hi Marc – nice to see you again! We need to up our physical activism, like handing out copies of “Hellstorm”, and other such great materials so that we can educate our people concerning true history, and the insane plan of genociding the Aryan peoples! If you tag me, I will give you my email address, if you’d like. I miss the good old days when we slew all of those jewish trolls on Google + and Jewtube! Take care, and let me know what you think, Marc.


Trump mentioned the attack on the USS Cole and how justice was served on the perpetrators. Would have been nice to mention the USS Liberty.


I agree!
… It would have been nice to mention the USS Liberty… and how justice was not served on the perpetrators.

Lotti Von Hesse

Another great show, Kyle! I was half tempted to listen to the state of the Jewnion address, but I believe I would have vomited. Thank you for reposting that awful, cringeworthy, speech! Oh, the horrors that the jews had to go through – oh, it’s so terrible – they didn’t get their breakfast in bed – oh, the horrors of it all – Oy Vey!! Thank you, Kyle for combing through that dreadful address and gathering! Wow – Trump said it with his own big ugly mouth – we’re going to take the largest amount of “immigrants” ever – how awful and disgusting!! If this is not a genocide against our peoples, than I do not know what is! Goodness gracious – what the fudge!!… Read more »

Lotti Von Hesse

I don’t comment so much because my old key board sticks so bad – I had to go into my comment, and edit iover 30 times – so, i future, if you see mistakes, it is beause my old tablt and key bard are old, and does not work well.


I wish I had a Key Bard, that sounds delightful!

Lotti Von Hesse

Hey, that’s great, Paige – I love it!


Great show Kyle! Very funny, too short. MAGAtov!

Trump is not my President. He makes me sick!

Lotti Von Hesse

Me too Anita!


I’am also a painter. And know why you would pick up the paintbrush after hearing the State of the Union address! How about a series on Ross?
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