Blitz: Was the Coronavirus Unleashed to Combat Viral Anti-Semitism? (2-27-20)

Kyle goes over the problem-reaction-solution agendas at play here, including how anti-semitism is spreading like “the plague” and how something needs to be done!

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Wow, what a Cohencidence!!


I do not think I would ever trust a Jewish Vaccine.

In Gratitude

Also, please remember that China has unleashed 5G 60 Ghz all throughout the country with Wuhan as the PILOT CITY. China’s water is very polluted, & their air is so polluted many Chinese wore face masks before the viral outbreak. So their collective immune system has been lowered. AndiIsn’t it oddly coincidental that Israel is announcing they might soon have a vaccine? Our saviors! This whole ordeal is highly suspicious. Coronovirus and 5G:


I agree with you about 5G in china, but remember it is Israel that makes the 5G only and will not allow any in Israel, so what does that tell you!

Anthony Roberts

When you see the Iranian dep. health minister doing the “Macorona” death-wobble dance and brow-wipe, you know even if this flu virus is real, it will be incubating other deceptions from the jewish supremacists, and their agents.

The first U.S case just happened to be in “Seattle,” and also “COVID” trans to Hebrew, then back into English, “spells” KOBE! Copter crash, stock market crash, societal crash! The W.H.O says… “Won’t get fooled again.”

PS Thanks Kyle. This White Genocide truth needs to go viral.


wow interesting find, so its like they sacrificed him just before all of this started. I never thought about the fact that they could be breeding certain humans for slaughter sacrifices! omg. But now I understand the satanic connection and why they make a pact you may be picked randomly for sacrifice by being a member. It must be in the user agreement! geeze.


Corona Virus – Vaccine(s) = Jewish mind fuckery. That’s all.


sodium bicarbonate, will kill this particular virus… Hot water 2 dcl and a half table spoon… Keep in mind this is not a super virus… Stay alcaline, do not drink or eat , anything acidic. Vitamin d3 and vitamin c would also help


“Big Pharma is officially partnering with the tech industry to pair “immunization” with digital biometrics, meaning humans will soon be microchipped, tracked, and ultimately controlled through a global identification matrix.”

Neil Haworth

Climate change is not furthering the agenda enough. More radical measures are necessary.

“Soviet Jewnion” LOL.


So much going on in a very corrupted world now. The Elite (Zionists) can see that the masses are waking up to there control over the world, They own all the bank, all the media, all the Governments (in my opinion,many Jews are in the governments, USA and UK being the main ones ) They own Hollywood, so make films to brainwash the masses with, The are big investors in the Porn industry, in fact they have their hands in everything, But get away literally with Murder as we see so often the prison camp of Palestine.


No wonder Hitler was so hated by the Jews, He said they were a plague, and as well as sending thousands to Israel (then Palestine) And we know that the Jews, Never forgive and Never forget, and that is why they hated Germany and wanted it destroyed.


What is the song that plays at the start of this recording?

Dean R(a)coon [Corona] anagram..


Jews gotta vaccine for us!