Blitz: We Need to Protect Ourselves from the Predators (5-7-20)

Kyle talks about some recent moves being made in the further enslavement of humanity.

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Fear is the virus and control is their new normal ! So what’s their weapon? My answer is the box in the room aka the talmud vision, the jew in the room. 5G is just a continuation of that weapon!

Robert Heimdal

Sheriff Chad Bianco: “I refuse to make criminals out of business owners, single moms, and otherwise healthy individuals for exercising their constitutional rights.” and “There cannot be a new normal.” (May 5 at 3:06 PM) – faceberg

Apparently Bianco is pretty well known. I have to say I don’t love that sheriff’s symbol though.


Here is compliation of interesting segments from the game Deus Ex;

Foster XL

LOL! That’s great Ursa! I actually remember playing that game back when it came out when I was playing around with PC gaming. I remember telling friends who played it about the sheer amount of those in-game comments that seemed so related to the real world but they just ignored me (probably thought I was a kook!). However watching this video now it’s obvious even I didn’t really pick up on the FULL extent of the content back then so thanks for posting it! 😉

Anthony Roberts

It’s more like a Michael Bay….of Pigs production. Johnny cia and his coup crew are setting jew-puppet Maduro up to be the next Ben Liden. There was even a ridiculously staged drone attack on him at a rally, last year. They want another “19 baddies with box cutters”, so Venezuela will be blamed for the probable assassination attempt on Mr 88, or is it 45? Very telling that Trump asked to be sat next to Abe’s statue for a flu-hoax TV interview, last Sunday. Will he (like Abe) be getting (((their))) shot? P.S. Too much common sense spoke in one sitting, Kyle. That Maria Farmer interview is very important. It’s coming from a level-headed woman who isn’t motivated by so-called White supremacy, but honest true… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Another guy in the list of “truthers” who’s turned foul is also Spiro (comment on comparison with “brown shirts”) [09:50]

It’s funny when he refers to “The Founders of this Nation” (meaning the US of A) stating “they would not have allowed all this”, when in reality these “founders fathers” were all freaking freemasons (as it is well known). Why do these people never mention this little fact? oh no! it’s the “Germanic Death Cult”, right?. Bunch of hypocrites.

– Sorry for the news overkill.


Okey, i’m mad at the moment so excuse me as i go on this long rant. Right now, we are moving towards a very dire situation at a very accelerating rate, the little freedoms and rights we still have are being taken away right before our eyes and we are quickly moving towards a horrific jewish controlled communistic tyranny where every facet of our lives will be monitored and controlled with them having the ability to quickly detect any dissenters so that they can quickly get rid off them, making resistance very hard. Seeing how serious this situation is right now, does it make any fucking sense for so called ”truthers” to still play around the bushes so that they don’t get banned from jewtube… Read more »


I’ve been getting more pissed off by the day. Today here on Renegade I am informed about that 6666 bill. I’m really fcking pissed and getting more pissed by the minute when I think about some idiots coming to my door with the intention of sticking a fcking stick up my nose. Fck that. I am hanging up a sign on my door which will read Don’t bother knocking. I DO NOT COMPLY. If they choose to break the door in I will state with video cam on that I do not comply. Then we will see what happens next. Do they knock me to the floor and force that fcking stick up my nose until it tickles my brain??? OMG where are people’s brains… Read more »


You & me both! And I see you’re still my twin! Confusing lol… 🙂


If a predator is released and re-offends, the official who signed the release is complicit in the crime and should face the same charges as the predator.


Per the first part of the show, this whole psyop reeks of Noriega Round 2.


I played deus ex like…15+ years ago? I don’t play video games anymore but the game is pretty similar to the situation today. Not that anyone necessarily cares about this information..

Basically takes place in the future where united nations has a super police force with cyborg/augmented agents(you play one of them).

Plague called the ‘grey death’ spread by illuminati like shadow organizations(the illuminati is mentioned by name in the game)

‘JC Denton’ learns about this and you fight against the plot ect. Either way it’s pretty similar to the world right now lol.


What does Communist Michael McLaughlin have to do with this network? He is mentioned as Key People on Renegades Wikipedia page.


Please always put a description of the video first so we know what it’s about. Putting just the link by itself is pretty ignorant & given the amount of trolls out there most people won’t click it if they have no idea what it is.
I actually wish the policy here was to just delete any links without a description & maybe even some limit on the number per day per person as it gets really annoying when people start spamming them tbh.