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Aryan Diablo
1 month ago

I made a sock Twitter account to go troll that nigger Damon Young lmao

It’s the small things that bring me joy in life.

1 month ago

They’re planning ahead with their anti-White propaganda, they want to instill a mentality of pure hatred against Whites while at the same time they’re replacing Whites with minorities in positions of authority. They are trying to form a modern-day Cheka.. The Cheka had an ethnic minority representation of 45 %, meaning that ethnic minorities had triple the representation in the Cheka in comparison to White Russians. Cheka was founded and led by jews. Felix Dzerzhinsky, the first director and one of the founder of the Cheka who was also a crypto-jew. He had close ties with many jewish revolutionaries, he knew Yiddish and he also had many romances with jewish women until he finally married one jewess. He had also an immense hatred towards the… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Ursa
1 month ago

I never even bothered to look into this last PsyOp, white supremacist, lone gunman shooting, assuming they figured we were overdue for another one. They aren’t trying to make these events look real – straight up mockery.

1 month ago

Must be mad in Florida. Just to rub it in, i’m about 20km outside Warsaw, Poland. It’s been well over a year since I have even encountered a non-white idividual. DOn’t go out much sadly nowdays cause all the fuckers are wearing face DIAPERS… the face diaper shit is going on herersadly , and all these polish fuckers are buying into it,///////i just want to punch someone. oh apparently there’s a fine ….. im waiting till the day the cops try to make me wear a diaper……. that will be THE DAY.

Reply to  froz
1 month ago

Are you Polish?

Reply to  froz
25 days ago

As far as I know there is no State sanctioned warm milkpipe nigger feed system like in the UK, that exists in Poland, so the wogs dont go there for that reason. Viva Poland. It was the same in the UK until it was (((corrupted))) and the genocide cells were all brought in post WW2 to soak up, gaping mouth free life points at the expense of White man.

Last edited 25 days ago by Skalgarir
1 month ago

Good show, glad you’re sticking to it man. We need people like you more than ever.

Jeffrey Guymon
1 month ago

One would have to be a complete moron pussy to legitimately believe in the anti-white propaganda they’re spewing!

24 days ago

Imagine the surprise when these fools finally TRIGGER exactly the kind of rage they falsely accuse of now. Wakey, wakey…

Reply to  Duncan MCNEIL
21 days ago

Duncan MacLeod? Being a 90’s show, it had lots of (((propaganda))). A brown “Scotsman”. At least the show made him an adopted non-blood relative, indirectly admitting he isn’t Scottish.

28 days ago

Race has no basis in biology? Well that would mean Ethiopian Jews are just as Jewish as BB Netanyahu. Good to know.

Reply to  Kryptosis
25 days ago

No, your physical presence has nothing to do with biology whatsoever. It’s all secondary. Your race is just a .gif file.

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