Blitz: Who Had Foreknowledge of 9/11? (9-10-19)

Tune in to find out who knew about 9/11 before it happened. “Who are the globalists, Alex?”

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Anthony Roberts

Strange how Cooper’s “death” on 11/6 makes an upside down 9/11…hmm? We also had the “big Apple” corp release their new phone on the eve of the 18th anni. It’s the “i” phone 11, with i being the 9th letter in simple jewmatria. “Jobs” a good ‘un!
PS Very timely show Kyle, thank you. Today, 9/11/19, is a masonic mirror date and we know how they love their jew-alities. Imagine the chutzpah…, i mean coincidence, of (((natural))) disasters on this chosen date. Be alert and safe, everyone.


You can verify with a very high degree of precision whether a suspicious death or apparent false flag is a staged ritual simply by measuring between dates. These events are always aligned with the local politicians (governor/mayor) and town/city and state anniversaries. This sort of Kabbalistic practice goes back hundreds of years, minimum.

Arman Truth

Also, when “Macho Man” and Gene mention “Elizabeth” it has to be an obvious reference to Britain and the not so special relationship. Britain was not needed militarily. Their involvement was purely to give credence to the tyrannical behaviour of America-Jewry.
Britain and Germany are nothing more than slave colonies of America-Jewry today and regarded as the enemy as they watch over us for any signs of national uprising.

Foster XL

Will listen today. Just wanted to mention that Edward Norton & Helena Bonham-Carter holding hands in that screenshot are forming the letter “M”. You will see this everywhere in Hollywood & other media. Look especially for obvious trannies forming the “M” with their hands in photos by keeping the 2 middle fingers together with a gap on either side between index & pinky – this is quite hard to do naturally so has to be learned or forced into shape on the body or face (often you will see large rings used to force the fingers into that “M” shape).

Here’s a good example that also forms a triangle around the left eye of this vampire with the pinky across the lips as in “Shhhhh!” –

comment image

Rothschilds must die asap

One of the supertramp albums had 911 on the cover.. spaceman rip

Ragnar Fan

Great show, thankyou.

Can you please link the article on the tribune which discussed all the Jews involved in 911, I wanted to print it out but can’t find it now.