Blitzed Up: The Green Gestapo is Coming (2-20-19)

Kyle and Sinead go on a deodo-rant and then discuss environmentalism, tree hugging, animal rights, plant-based power, right-wing resource raping, left-wing controlled opposition, and a whole lot of other triggering topics.

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Anthony Roberts

Has everyone noticed the latest diatribe from the YT gatekeeper diet tribe? The “i’m not vegan anymore” psy-op. Just like their recent race baiting, this is their latest plan to keep people confused, so they go back to eating profitable poison, meat and dairy. Please people – think of the defenceless animals.

PS Another treemendous round-up from my second fava Natural Socialists (Go HenLa!), here at Renegade Broad bean casting. Keep planting those seeds!

Yes! They do the same thing with “former racists” like Picciolini. We all know this dude is an actor, just like many of these paid shills for the meat and dairy industry. They’re peddling poison and they don’t like being called out on it. Just go ahead and try and leave a comment on Fatney’s’ channel and it will swiftly be deleted. She’s even using morbidly obese women to sell her death diet. How demonic this all is. Getting people to rub tortured animal fat all over their fat faces. It’s truly disgusting. How long until these shills are “teaching” us all about the wonderful nutritional value of human “meat” and human “lard” for skin care. They also use use an appeal to authority,… Read more »

lol no shock that she finds carrot juice “disgusting”. Is this supposed to be some sort of joke? “I lost like 40 pounds!” The horror… what is life without having multiple chins?! These stories are obviously fake and based on my own personal experience, meat eaters are the ones who are the most insecure regarding their own diet. I’ve had some insane, unprovoked, out-of-nowhere rants thrown directly at me regarding my diet (like Two Minutes Hate-level projecting in one instance). The point of which I never understood because I’ve gone to considerable lengths in the past to avoid talking about my lifestyle, especially in the workplace. Deep down, these people hate themselves. They hate the way that they look. They hate the way they feel… Read more »

Foster XL

Speaking of actors have you guys heard of or seen this?! I see Fetch had this guy on as a guest twice in the last few months, hmmm… New TV program that just got aired – “Sleeping with the Far Right” Jack Sen is a self-styled spin doctor for the nationalist movement and manages websites and social media groups to promote his own beliefs and those of prominent figures in the far right. Alice Levine sets out to discover why he holds the beliefs he does by spending a week in Jack’s home, hoping to find out how his worldview shapes his family’s everyday life. She also follows Jack as he attends events and activities connected to his beliefs, and speaks to a number of… Read more »

Foster XL

Check out how chosen the interviewer, (((Alice Leviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine))), looks! Full-on jewish propaganda with a well-known agent/actor!

Lotti Von Hesse

Good comment Sinny – Fatney’s channel, that is very humorous, but on a more serious note, rubbing lard on one’s face? I have never heard of such a disgusting thing, as far as “beauty” tips go! These people surely must be insane!

Lotti Von Hesse

Thank you, Anthony for caring so much for the innocent creatures of this world. I am sure that you are a kind, and most cmpassionate soul.


So Jan had a show with Holly around that time of the Illuminaughty burlesque discussion where they discussed how their marriage was not ‘consummated.’ And there were legal issues because he still hadn’t resolved his 2nd marriage. Maybe it was just a show or he had to be made to look ridiculous? I still think the info he brought out was legit, with the intel and 60s, lsd, etc, music – he’s really not someone I follow now with the christ insanity, excuse me, logosiosity.


One more thing regarding eating animals – I went with an acquaintance to a taco bar and she ordered VEAL tacos….I couldn’t hide my disappointment at her choice. I still can’t think of her without thinking of that choice, so yeah, there are ethics in food choices, which is why people get so defensive. I’m sure they want us going toward cruelty, not kindness, but we won’t do that!

Lotti Von Hesse

Callwen – exactly – the jews want us to be cruel and lack total empathy for any living creature! I tried watching some film footage of them murdering a cow with kosher slaughter, and I just couldn’t – I felt so terrible for that poor, defenseless cow that was screaming in agony, and the jews were smiling – I had to shut it off in total disgust, yet this kosher slaughter continues, day after day! This world is so terrible, and sick! The German people banned kosher slaughter, and that was just another reason the jews hated Germans – because the jews could not practice their cruel, ritual slaughter of innocent animals! Thank you for reading my comment.


Lotti, you are absolutely spot on here. They want to corrupt our sense of righteousness and bring us down to their base level.

Even the muzzies nowadays allow anesthesia for their halal slaughter, but the Jews will not because their unholy men who does the slaughter feeds on the dark energy of the pain and horror that the victim experiences.

If someone has been kicked out of every country they ever visited it is for a good reason.

Lotti Von Hesse

Right you are, Mardoll!


In The Lightning and the Sun Savitri mentioned that she knew of a case where someone was sent to a concentration camp for three and a half years for killing a pig in a cruel manner. I remember my Mother telling me how my Grandfather would slaughter his pigs and it was cruelty to the extreme. It apparently was the way they slaughtered pigs in previous generations, I guess the guy who was sent to the camp did it in a similar way.


Some of the large ants will help control ‘german’ roaches – they carry off their eggs. We saw this and the roaches went away, then the ants moved on. Win-win! Fire ants are the worst! If you put diatomaceous earth on their mounds, they just rebuild somewhere else. So we just create rows around them, instead of fighting a losing battle. Great show, fun show! I saw something about the Chinese and donkeys that was the worst I’ve heard regarding animal cruelty. We can’t let that mindset overtake us or all the animals will suffer unspeakable cruelty. Most wildlife rehabbers are white (many women) and do it not for sheks, but love of animals, with little help from any official agency.

Lotti Von Hesse

The Chinese are extremely cruel to animals! I have a question concerning ants – are ants good for the soil?


Ants aerate the soil, but they will nibble on the growing roots of things like cabbage and broccoli and kill them that way. Mixed bag, but they are part of the ecosystem, so live and let live is my attitude.

Von Hahn

As a youngster, I was led to believe that eastern cultures were enlightened and more advanced spiritually. Then I spent a bit of time there, mostly china. I learned about puppy/kitten farms (they sell pure bred puppies by the dozens out of big boxes on the street corners – picture 5 dozen siberian huskie puppies literally swimming in a box of each other – one could buy for food or for a pet – totally legal from what I was told). No animal control services when I was there either, only high-end veterinary offices for the pets of the super rich. I learned that the practice of eating dogs and cats is not a myth either. There are also many dishes considered “delicacies” that feature… Read more »

Lotti Von Hesse

It’s quite interestimg to note that the Japanese are much different, and seem to care for animals much more (of course there were the horrible whaling operations, but that was much later, probably) than other eastern counies. There is a nice Japanese man on youtube who takes his cats to the beautiful parks, and walks them around. Also, Hitler admired the Japanese.


Some cows voluntarily go to slaughterhouses without problems, find themselves being treated poorly and filled with chemicals in their feed, water and air and they do not complain that they are called goy, racist, antisemitic, Nazi, fascist. Which race can it be ??

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