Brigid’s Readings from the Tribune (2-15-17)

Brigid reads some hard-hitting content from the Tribune, particularly about the terrible tragedy unfolding today and what we must do about it.

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Look carefully at the creature on the cover of the Marie Claire that mentions Heathen Women. That is most definitely a tranny.

lol. Thank you for looking, but I am going to abstain, protect my vision. lol.

LOL. I understand.

I want to be on the record and state that Kyle has my full support in any decision he and his advisors make re who should be allowed to host or guest on a Renegade show. I would never publicly attack him or Sinead or anyone else if a decision is made that my show is not in the best interests of Renegade’s. I’ve got their back. They need us to protect them.

“We must secure the existence of our people and the future for white children.” Thanks for choosing the illustration you did, Kyle. So haunting!