Brigid’s Readings from the Tribune (2-8-17)

Brigid does some lively readings of Renegade Tribune articles about racial preservation, Freemasons, a great Swedish artist and much more.

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I love this photo! It makes one want to know much more about this group of girls.

Ein Volk hilft sich selbst, translation, A nation helps itself/a people help themselves. There is even a facebook page with these German words, and for $250, lol, you can purchase what is advertised as an original lithographed poster for the Winterhillswerk, a social relief program designed to provide food, clothing, coal and other items to needy German citizens during the winter months, the motto of the program being, “None shall starve or freeze.”

Presently, this slogan is also being used to encourage white people to help the Afrikaners. Thanks so much for posting this picture, Kyle. So endearing and interesting.

“Trump Administration Apparently Heading for War as Iran Dumps U.S. Dollar” says Brandon Turbeville at the Activist Post. There has to be a war to stop this from happening!

I love your readings! I could listen to you all day! You’re a wonderful storyteller.