Brigid’s Readings from the Tribune (3-15-17)

Brigid does a number of readings on important topics related to our past, present and future and plays a few clips by William Pierce and a German resister.

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He most certainly does! k9base, thanks from me, for listening.

Great intro music! What is it?

I agree. It is Clanadonia – Egyptian.

Also the song at the end? Thank you. Dr. Pierce was a true treasure. A beacon of light to point out the way.

A treasure indeed! The song is: Olafur Liljuros – Islandsklukkur Icelandic folk music.

Tribune Articles to be read tonight: The Little Angel; God’s Chosen What?; Thought Crimes, Book Book Burnings, and Jewish Power; Ex-Mossad Reveals How They Operate; Dr. Pierce: Massacre in the Katyn Forest; A Dim View of the Libertarian Movement; No Guilt! No Crime! No Apologies; Why Are Staged Deceptions Used More Than Pure False Flags?; #Pedogate SFO: Will Well-Connected Pedophile in California Politics Escape Jail Time?; Quebec City – Strategy of Tension Inverts Into Next Phase: Supervised Race War; Lathrop Stoddard’s Into the Darkness-Chap.9, The Battle of the Land; Permaculture for White Racialists. Enjoy reading/listening.

also: The Religion of George Lincoln Rockwell; Whistleblower Explains How Education System Targets ‘Resisters’; and The Sensual Paintings of Ernst Liebermann.

plus: American Corporate MSM Is Merged With CIA And Has Been Since The 1950’s.

It got posted. LoL, it happens to me, I think it is either something up with your browser or the posting system program.