Brigid’s Readings from the Tribune (3-29-17)

Brigid reads the rest of NO GUILT! NO SHAME! NO APOLOGY!;  #Pedogate SFO:  Will Well-Connected Pedophile in California Politics Escape Jail Time?; Why Are Staged Deceptions Used More Than Pure False Flags?; The Religion of George Lincoln Rockwell; and Lothrop Stoddard’s Into the Darkness- Chapter 9: The Battle of the Land.

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All Christians Are Cucks, #7 – one additional reading for next week.


“Serf Is Master In The Modern World” – added to broadcast reading list.


And: “Emblematic and Symbolic Forms of The Sun”


Plus, “Mom Horrified After Finding Police Drone Hovering Over Her Backyard”

Cmrd Knightmarez

I don’t mind the content. It’s geared towards Americans. Slavery isn’t as big an issue here in europe. Sure it’s used to bash whites but it doesn’t have the same impact in the UK. Slavery has been banned here since 1068.
also, sort your mic out. It isn’t studio quality. It’s lap top quality. Get a head-set-mic on the cheap and sort out your settings.


Feel free not to listen to me.


Thanks for your shows, Brigid. I don’t have the best eyes, and it’s hard for me to read off a computer screen, so I like listening to you read the articles. You come through loud and clear to me.


I don’t let whiny lying trolls stop me — the readings MUST go on, lol. Have a great weekend, Renny. Rest your eyes.


Join the discussion Brigid is one in a million. I’m not even exaggerating. She’s that good.


I gave you a thumbs up, NOT YOURS.


Cmrd Knightmarez Do you still hang out with those alt kike fags?