Brigid’s Readings from the Tribune (3-8-17)

Brigid reads a selection of articles, mostly related to the world we are seeing unfold before us and the real possibility of massive war, and what we should do about it.

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I appreciate Brigids efforts here as it is difficult for me to sit down and read a lot. It’s great to be able to get Tribune content as I drive or work. Thanks Brigid for taking this on!

I am so glad you listen. You probably could tell that I was on the way to lose my voice by the end and I woke up this morning, voiceless, lol. It was worth it.

Me too thank you so much for your readings! I only have time to multitask & listen.

Thank goodness I recovered my voice enough to do the Ides of March show, Shawna Marie. I am so glad that you are a regular listener.

That made me smile hearing the tricksters article – with the dramatic foreboding, thanks for doing this. ; )

Thanks for writing, “Tricksters of the Global Sisterhood.” So glad it got posted on time for me to read it, and you probably could tell, I definitely can relate to what you wrote. applause applause.

Hello Brigid,
Thank you so much for your reading of these articles.
34min into your reading you quote Ole Dammegard: ‘People happy to have their eyes shut’. This is so interesting a quote that I was wondering whether you would have the full reference for it. Moreover, shall I dare make the following suggestion that it would be most helpful if you would be so kind as to provide the links to the articles you read? Listeners would then be able to read the articles more speedily than by having to look them up in Renegade Tribune’s search box.
Many thanks for your precious contribution to the Renegade effort.

Provide the links, great idea, Mischling. AND, re Ole, “Sage of Quay Radio – Ole Dammegard – Living is Easy with Eyes Closed (Feb., 2017}” I much appreciated that particular broadcast, and I think that you will also.

Brigid, thanks for your reply. I shall now be able to quote Ole Dammegard (whose ‘People happy to have their eyes shut’ is so much to the point) with the exact reference. I am going to listen to this particular show with Ole Dammegard now as I truly admire his work. Cheers.

I admire Ole very very much. Please let me know what you think of this Quay show. thx.

Brigid, you have incredibly wonderful talent. I put your work up right before beddy bye and lay back and enjoy your fine work. A sincere thanks is in order. Here goes….Thanks angel.

Thank you, hon. Are you listening, Kyle?

All the great story tellers of all time have nothing on you my dear. Don’t change a thing in the way your express yourself in these readings. Your inflexions are nothing short of masterful. Don’t you dare change a thing. It hits my target dead center. I am filled with electricity at points. haha. Wow is all that is left to be said, or typed rather. You’re a flame thrower with a warm, warm filter striking my ear drums that feels sooo great. I’ve never heard such a voice. At no time in history or at any place on this beautiful gorgeous earth have words been expressed with so much grip and such melody.

It is my honor, Not Yours. Btw, can’t nobody change me. lol.

Re Russ Winters of The New Nationalist giving credit to METHODICAL ILLUSION in his article about the Israeli ‘art students’ project, in her latest show, Rebecah emphasized again that the Mossad are an integral part of the CIA, and in fact went so far as to state that the Mossad RUN the CIA. Brave heart and noble courage, she has both. Thanks, Russ. I will be buying her fourth book, which she stated she is now outlining.