Brigid’s Readings from the Tribune (4-5-17)

Brigid covers a wide variety of articles from Renegade Tribune. Readings read: lol “April Showers”; finished “The Battle of the Land”; Permaculture for White Racialists, Blood and Soil and Concepts; Hundreds of Thousands Gather in Massive Protest to US-Sponsored Saudi Terrorism in Yemen; The Human Smuggling Industry; Tribute to an Irish Hero; Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings in a Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil; Trump Appointed Attorney Who Gave Epstein His ‘Sweetheart Deal’ for Child Sex Slavery; “Who Was Behind the St. Petersburg Bombing and What Was The Motive?; South Africa’s Zuma Doubles Down on Commitment to White Ethnic Cleansing & National Suicide.


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I hope by now all have viewed the video Renegade described as hard hitting, yesterday posted at “Trump Appointed Attorney Who Gave Epstein His ‘Sweetheart Deal’ for Child Sex Slavery,” and have widely shared it. The last sentence of this article that I did not finish broadcasting is: “The American people deserve a Labor Secretary who will do the right thing, and they need to know what really happened between Alex Acosta and Jeffrey Epstein.” Please tell the U.S. Senate to NOT confirm.

The weekly chemtrail report that I mentioned I follow is: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News.

I love your voice; thanks for having taken up my suggestion of referencing (in print) the articles you read.

And I am so glad that Kyle adds them in his description of the show. AND YES, we owe that idea all to you, Mischling; keep on asking and advicing. THANKS. (I love to sing; I’ve got that music in me.)

Was Nelly the Greek, Leni Riefenstahl? – added to reading list.

Thanks, Brigid. Markessinis ( who wrote the piece) has his own publishing house with a full range of books on this obscure topic, fascist Greece 1936-1941.

Thrilled. Several years ago, I read a lenghy piece I found at Barnes Review debunking much of the ‘popular’ history regarding the sexual practices of ancient Greeks.

April showers; WhoreHouse just now announced that Trump attacked Assad. What will Putin do?

Part of the answer to this question (which I fear might only be rhetorical) could be here:
Netanyahu Seeks Buffer Zones Against Iran and Hezbollah on Syria’s Borders With Israel and Jordan
Netanyahu wants buffer zones to be part of any future deal to end Syrian civil war, to prevent Iran and Hezbollah from establishing foothold; premier discusses issue with Trump administration, other international actors
Barak Ravid Apr 07, 2017 9:45 AM

There were no “chemical weapons” at the Shayrat Airbase. The US destroyed the Syrian air defense system that target Israeli warplanes.

It is heartwrenching to realize that as of late, there is only one American leader with any large following in the States that as of late publicly warned them that Trump plans to use them in a war, for Israel, and blasted Drumpf for his associations with Kushner, Netanyahoo, and such. His name: Minister Louis Farrakhan!

Even if Trump was legitimately independent, it is clear that we do have a “Shadow Government” that operates through its “Deep State” infrastructure embedded in the so-called “Permanent Unelected Government”. The “Deep State” does, in fact, have extremely extensive domestic spying and blackmail capability. Trump definitely is doing their bidding now. No question about it. First the “Deep State” moved to eliminate Trump’s National Security Advisor Gen. Flynn. Trump has since demoted Bannon, etc. Trumps latest act of attacking Syria only helps ISRAEL. It is also a massive provocation to Russia. This is all a Neo-Con’s dream come true. Trump is not our friend. He’s working for the enemy.

So true, and I fully understand those who have been on the internet shows with Fetzer and Rense advocating for Trump, NOW are calling for his impeachment. Too little, too late.

It seems that the facts show us that the “Elected Temporary Administration” will always lose to the “Permenent Un-elected Government”. I fail to see how impeaching Trump will do anything to address the problem posed by the fact that we suffer under “Deep State” operatives who have the capability of manipulating “Elected Temporary Administrators”. Manipulating and even assassinating – as in the case of JFK.

I caution against falling into the trap of thinking that rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic will somehow prevent it from sinking.

“Californistan Report” – yes

“Elizabeth May Falls From Grace” – on list

Aryan Giants and Megaliths in Europe and the Mideast – now on there.