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7 years ago

I’m just as bad as anyone about going defensive when someone says you aren’t doing enough. I think it’s a mixture of the schools/media teaching everyone they’re a ‘special snowflake who can do no wrong’ and the constant stress we all instinctively feel being around those of another race.

That last thing there, don’t underestimate the effect of even hearing a non-white voice on the television. It puts us in a constant fight-or-flight mode, and for the brainwashed imparts a constant guilt.. and then dissociation.

7 years ago

Vets are just as useless as regular doctors(when it comes to diagnosis and treatment for them.) Had to have my cat brought in recently, got the exact same response I got from regular doctors when I was suffering from what at the time was a common condition. “Gee.. I dunno, never seen anything like that before. Tests aren’t showing anything so there can’t be a problem.” 10 minutes online and I found what my cat had. At least they didn’t try and say my cat had a ‘psychological problem and was a hypochondriac.’

7 years ago

Kevin ~ Can you imagine the stories that EACH of us as a white person, could tell about how this “white guilt” has affected our conscience, or how we see ourselves as a race/culture? Of course, I’m basing this on the fact that I was very young when their “brainwashing” began, and have watched it progress into what it has become today.
I’m glad you found the information for you cat…in spite of the Vets ignorance. Hope your cat is feeling better…:)

Jorge A. Gracia
7 years ago

Well its great you found the problem with your cat in time, my dog died : (

7 years ago

This is the outcome of years of ‘white guilt’ programming.

Read the comments.

7 years ago

Just as a side note, there is no cancer research on vaccines to date…..

7 years ago

In addition to cleansing the colon and liver, the purpose of the coffee /caffeinated herbal enema is to force the production of fresh bile on a daily basis. (the body recycles and uses the same bile for months at a time) This theoretically allows the body to purify itself and then regenerate. The Gerson treatment also includes the use of bach flower remedies, frequent cleansing of the skin through perspiration and then bathing several times a day, then of course, juicing. Juicing would still be a great way for Craig to get loads of nutrients, even if he doesn’t do a juice fast. Maybe a mono-diet could help along w juicing. Just eating one type of food at a time makes the breakdown and elimination… Read more »

7 years ago

Good to know coffee is good. But is suppose it must be the one you make at home, as if it was tea.

Lori, regarding that organ massage or bowel massage i’ve wrote about i just watched it on TV quite sone time ago, some old chinese was doing that thing. I think it is related to Tai-Chi. I’me not sure.
All i know is that it is good medicin!

6 years ago

Thank you Shannon for the encouragement and support…It makes me/us feel less alone in our endeavor. I’ve been learning a lot more lately of the juicing..and am hoping to find ways to incorporate it into Craig’s daily routine…
Thanks for your suggestions too Jackportge…:)

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