Circus Maximus: 2016 in the Big Top (12-30-16)

Nick reviews his shows and the big events of the past year. He also speaks to Sean and Greg about a variety of important topics.

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Great job this year Nick. I remember listening to your very first Broadcast. You’ve grown greatly as a broadcaster and researcher. Keep up the good work Buddy.. 14wrds!


Happy New Year, Nick. Thanks for the announcement that THIS year, you are willing to give us two shows a week, knowing which makes me giddy with joy. By the way, I didn’t hear you mention in your reminisces about your shows of 2016, your fabulous interviews of both Christopher Bollyn and Rebekah Roth. Hell yes, Israel did 9/11.


Excellent review and some really good callers
Congratulations on being able to answer calls!

Good Dictator

Great shows Nick! Managed to follow most of them 🙂
May I ask you where I can listen to the show (not here on Renegade Broadcasting, which I already listened to) in which you interview James and Joanne Moriarty again and delve more into the crypto-Jewish presence in the east (Benghazi I believe)?
Thanks and Happy New Year!


That sounds like a lot of bad trucker acid there.


“Nope, the truck batteries already come fully loaded from the auto parts store so there is no way possible of having too much while driving down the highway.”

“Bad trucker acid”, not, “truck battery acid”. Although that could be a good thing if you want to eat the latter.




Is that supposed to make sense or be funny in some way?
Pretty obtuse.


It does sound pretty wild. I don’t know where one would find depleted uranium babies. Is that how uranium is made?