Circus Maximus: 2016 in the Big Top (12-30-16)

Nick reviews his shows and the big events of the past year. He also speaks to Sean and Greg about a variety of important topics.

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Great job this year Nick. I remember listening to your very first Broadcast. You’ve grown greatly as a broadcaster and researcher. Keep up the good work Buddy.. 14wrds!

Happy New Year, Nick. Thanks for the announcement that THIS year, you are willing to give us two shows a week, knowing which makes me giddy with joy. By the way, I didn’t hear you mention in your reminisces about your shows of 2016, your fabulous interviews of both Christopher Bollyn and Rebekah Roth. Hell yes, Israel did 9/11.

Excellent review and some really good callers
Congratulations on being able to answer calls!

Great shows Nick! Managed to follow most of them 🙂
May I ask you where I can listen to the show (not here on Renegade Broadcasting, which I already listened to) in which you interview James and Joanne Moriarty again and delve more into the crypto-Jewish presence in the east (Benghazi I believe)?
Thanks and Happy New Year!