Circus Maximus: Al Fatah – Light on Libya (5-5-17)

Nick speaks with “Al Fatah” about her website, her personal experiences in Libya, how her thoughts on Muammar Gaddafi changed, the revolution and the Western “liberation”, Libyan rebel war crimes, what has resulted in the region, and much more.

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Many, many thanks to Nick and his guest for putting out a view radically different on Gaddafi than the one peddled by Western presstitutes. It also counters, albeit only minimally, some of the rather Islamophobic viewpoints aired in other shows by other guests (erin-dakins-vicious-tribe-vampires-5-2-17) or hosts. Remember that the ‘clash of civilisations’ is being engineerd by ‘you know who’ as a central building block for their much awaited JWO.

John SmithRGB

This was one of the greatest most informative shows I can remember hearing on the network. Great job Nick; hail Fatah!!


Awesome show!!!


I will say ditto to John Smiths comments about the show and Fatah as well.Thank you for your previous show with Johnathan Azzaziah. Did end up listening to that one twice as it was packed with so much information. Thanks Nick, great job. stevo

Ingrid B

Members of my family live in a town 14 miles north of Lockerbie..
Yvonne Ridley, a reporter with Al Jazeera was reporting from Benghazi, interviewing “rebels” at the start of the unrest in Libya, that was when my eyes were opened regarding Al Jazeera.. It was also then that I was blocked from commenting on VT, because I disagreed with what Duff and Dean were proposing. I believe Frederick Blackburn was blocked for the same reason..
Wouldn`t it have been nice if other world leaders had done as much for their people as Gaddafi did for his..


Gadaffi was a freemason though no? All those photos of him and masonic handshakes, wearing the hat with the all seeing eye sewn into the inside etc.

Anyone have info on his relations to this?


No idea*, he could have started as one, but what he did aftwerwards – so much in pure defiance of the Satanic Zio World Order – proves that he was no longer taking his orders from them – which is why they (being so obsessed with scatology) had him killed the way he died – and why the Hillary Clinton filth laughed the way she did (‘We came, we saw, he died’
* Interestingly, I came across a very interesting article about freemansonry in the MENA region in the 19th century while I was in Lyon (and visiting its huge municipal library), but it was limited to the 19th century – of course.