Circus Maximus: Chris Dorsey Hosts – Law Requires Execution (9-2-16)


The fact that dual Israeli citizens carried out the False Flag attacks of 9/11 is evidence of Treason under the law. The leaders of the institutions that control Government carry out war against the people. Enforcement of the law will result in the neutralization of the current Zionist controlled Government.

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Anthony Roberts

Very good show Chris – thank you for helping Nick out. You remind me of a 1860’s sheriff, trying to clean up his town and sending those kike bad ‘uns packing. I wish more Americans, and white people in general, had yours and Renegade’s guts. Your bit of paper makes it your right and duty, to put on trial, and throw out a corrupt government ( of the people ). Here in the UK, our credit note – magna carta, just allows our jewish elitist rulers to say: “oy veyyyy steady on ol’ chap, aaarrrrk” to the royal lizards. We white peasants are still trodden on and pelted with rotten fruit and veg in the stocks of life. We have zero say. PS I recently… Read more »


Greetings Anthony thank you very much for your kind words. All Government officials are dirty especially those Jew trained municipal cops here in the Zionist Occupied USA. Cheers


I don’t that many could have come on to host their first show and done a better job. If you turned your transmitter down, and your receiver up (both just a tad) it’d be perfect! haha

great show Chris.




Greetings and thanks NDC!

Chris needs his own show!


Renegade Replacements: Replace Graham with Chris.


That is very kind Sinead I am very happy to contribute anytime.


Seen this about Trump suing Webster Tarpley (the obese alcoholic jew-loving fuck married to a kike whore in the defence industry) for slander. This would make my day if Trump cleans him out.


This podcast should be shared far and wide. Colonel Bob Bowman used to admonish people to stop arguing about exactly what happened on Sep. 11. It is not our job to know. We have more than enough evidence thanks to people like Kevin Ryan, Christopher Bollyn, Splitting the Sky, Chris Dorsey and a few others to convict in a court of (real) law. I really like that Mr. Dorsey is providing solutions. We need to incorporate his ideas into our lives. Thank you Mr. Dorsey and Renegade!


Greetings, thanks for bringing up some of the original uncontrolled 9/11 opposition like Bowman, Splitting The Sky, Bollyn etc. These individual and many more smarter than myself have informed me on 9/11 and how that event fits into the bigger geopolitical picture. Thanks to Renegade by far it is the best broadcast network for the uncontrolled opposition to the Zionist Occupied Government.

Lamppost List:

Can’t thank Chris enough for his work, knowledge, and suggestions for activism. Also looking forward to Nick’s show this week, and hope he has the time or help to read each of Rebekah Roths’ three books, so that if or when she is his guest, he can question her about details in them. I am just about finished reading the last of the three, METHODICAL CONCLUSION, and what with Nick’s great background and morals, think this show will be so memorable and inspirational. Thanks.

Circus Maximus

Rebekah sent me her last two books and I will be reading them before our interview on 9/16.

9/9 I have Ryan Dawson.

Thank you for your kind words 🙂


Great. Btw, out of the three, my favorite read was the first, METHODICAL DECEPTION., When others told me about the novelists that they were reading, it was fun to tell them about the new novelist I was communicating with, about 9/11, and that they could buy her book at Amazon.

For her succeeding books, she did choose to add a main character that she calls a Holocaust Jew, whose grandparents were persecuted in Europe, causing her family to flee to the US. (Of course, this decision of Roth’s does detract from my enjoyment of these two.} Since publishing them, Rebekah has stated some of her conclusions that do differ somewhat from the official story about the Holocaust.

The Pope of Nothing

I hope you won’t pussyfoot around the jew issue with Ms. Roth-stein. Grill her on her jewishness. Tell her you know the truth about fucking jews and won’t put up with any jew shit from her or anybody else. If you do that, you’re cool. If not, your not worth listening to. I am seriously hoping you don’t disappoint.


Thank you Mr Chris Dorsey. Very enlightening and I would like to hear more. Many may have seen this ‘The Cossack Solution’ which could be readily adapted to ‘The Virginian Solution’ by your militia. please consider; If we take over the government we have to give the people more than promises. We have to gaurantee that our government will not dominate the people, but serve the people. The gaurantee is going to be given in the form of declaration signed by every member of the government and every state employee. Stating that if I betray the nation, if I steal from the nation, if I do anything fraudulent – knowingly. I do know and accept there will only be one punishment, death. This legal change… Read more »


Thank you for the compliment and your interest. I agree with your assertions that when the current Government is abolished we must act with honor in regard to the solemn oath of service to the body of the people. I am working on the finishing touches of what i am now calling the Virginia Militia Handbook which will hopefully be complete in several weeks.


Enjoyed the show and have mixed feelings about being an actor in someone else’s movie with a dubious script of direct agitation and threats of death outside of context.

The Bolshevik spy’s could do and say anything about anyone but Marx. Be nice if next time on air someone ask him to point out what a shit plagiarist and dim witted satanist Marx was…. Can’t shake the actor making a movie line defense. Rome excluded actors and prostitutes from politics…. Still the information is there and he’s in the ring swinging as more should be doing


From Black’s Law Dictionary. Actor; In old European law. A proctor, advocate, or pleader; one who acted for another in legal matters; one who represented a party and managed his cause. An attorney, bailiff, or steward; one who managed or acted for another. The Scotch “doer” is the literal translation.
Movie : a recording of moving images that tells a story and that people watch on a screen or television. I act and make movies they are up on youtube they are not scripted the injuries are real and the guns i use and Government thugs point at me are not props. Thanks for listening God Bless


Using Talmudic law and twisted definitions do you no honor

“The censors, looking into a man’s public and private lives, might decide to move a citizen a few rungs down the social ladder if he had, for example, turned a blind eye to his wife’s adulteries, committed perjury, fathered no children, appeared on the stage (actors were seen with contempt by Roman society) or failed to cultivate his land properly…….

You can dig around to get a simple idea

Interesting the figure “6” and “66%” was featured as part of facts, nitpicking perhaps ?

Great show Chris ! I’m so glad you brought up the B.I.S. I’ve done this on many occasions over the years, and the only problem I encountered in convincing people about the significance of this appointed Central Nervous System of International Banking, is outlining it’s very foundation, that is, it started off as an office handling Reparations against Germany for allegedly starting WW1, In fact, this is probably why their very own web page goes out of it’s way to describe this fact of it’s creation, if you see what I mean !. This is when many stop listening, unfortunately. So it is good you brought it up the way you did. As far as explaining how it works, apart from that it was founded… Read more »

Some of my B.I.S notes: The general overarching truth, is that the Germans did not loot any Gold, (did not feature it in their “Economic Reform”), the jews did ! and Switzerland lost it’s Sovereignty by a “hasty referendum behind closed doors” (Typical) to join with the IMF. The UBS has been bought out by the B.I.S, thus looting the fictitious wealth (of Gold) from the Swiss by that “Nation within a Nation”, YiddTown Basel/ Vatican/ Knights of Malta/Rothschild/IMF/B.I.S networks: “The bulk of the physical gold is now in the strong hands of Western and Eastern Giant dynasties, waiting for the same looming catastrophe: Pseudo-wealth destruction to a previously unseen extent! They are the wolves waiting to unleash destruction of their own air money system… Read more »


BIS collect 0.2% of all processed transactions by value in “transfer fees”. About 4 Billion per day. BIS keeps it’s own currency (SDR) as the real peg and all international shipping has to be insured in this currency.

I made another comment here about the B.I.S, currently not showing here.

“George Soros” isn’t a real person. It’s a fictitious entity or character (GOLEM) created by the jew (Schwartz) to act on the world stage.

Shawna Marie

Thank you for crystallizing our situation & offering lawful action. I have confidence for the first time in following your living example. Love your work & look forward to your renegade broadcasts.