Circus Maximus: Christopher Bollyn – Solving 9/11 (9-23-16)


Nicks speaks with Christopher Bollyn  about his American tour, the experience he had with Jewish protesters in Brooklyn details of his life in Israel, the build up of the War on Terror and how 911 was the catalyst, predictive programming, the major players & companies involved with 911, how Israel benefited the most and what we need to do in order to solve the crimes of 911.

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Everytime they bring up the “Ashkenazi / Khazar / White Jews” garbage, show them this chart. It clearly depicts the admixtural DNA mapping.
Not only they are not European, they are clearly between Middle Easterners and Europeans due to mixing with Europeans for over to millennium, Sephardics and Ashkenazis are genetically very close.
This entire “Jews are White” faux argument is a tactic to shift the blame on Whites and disguise the jews.
It’s an absolute insult to White people to call jews White and it must be confronted.
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Consanguineous Marriage Rate
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(But they call Whites, “inbred”.)


I’ve seen this a couple of times but can’t understand it so someone who knows please help by clarifying. I thought the *general* rule with Jewish DNA is that y-linked male inheritance is of (Orientalid) Middle East origin (whatever *that* means in terms of the races (sub-species) of man viz Caucasian -vs- Mongol -vs- Negro) and the x-linked female-linked is predominantly Europid, this all reflecting the peregrinations of the males and their “intermarriage” (sic) with the females of the lands to which they travelled (inlcuding the female slaves they acquired). John Baker, “Race” (1974, p. 244: “Even the patriarchs themselves were not endogamous, for Abram’s second wife , Hagar, was an Egyptian, and the Angel of the Lord promised that her progeny would be multiplied… Read more »


Because of Chrisopher’s recommendation, I already bought and am half way hrough THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL by John Le Carre, and do suggest it to people in book clubs, as well as 1984. Bollyn’s non-fiction books and website are so excellent, as are his taped lectures and presentations throught the USA and elsewhere, and it is shocking that no one in my city is willing to use the libraries as 911 meeting places at which one can show them, on YouTube. Like he said, we need to educate, organize, and act on what we know about the perpetrators. It is disheartening to hear Christopher say, on your show Nick, that, even though his dad has all the information at his fingertips about why, to put… Read more »

Interesting. Just last Sunday I happened to see the movie “Medusa Touch” for the second time in years while round my mothers. The beginning seems to depict a Jewess telling horrific bed-time stories to a young boy as if instilling pure evil into his mind (Jewish Black Magic Witch-Craft if you like) which leads him to develop the psychokinetic powers.

Yeah, it was the sprinkler thing that largely gave me the impression that the Pentagon was a Blowout and not a missile, cordite is part in parcel to explosives, that and the picture I saw of an investigator looking down a manhole and other imagery/ details Ken Doc etc.

Great show once again.


The mind control runs deep with these Israelis. They know all the tricks in the book. The only way to break the spell is to discover it…..Awesome show Nick.


Most important show here this year.

Circus Maximus

Thank you! It took several email conversations, meeting him in person at one of his presentations and a few months to finally book Mr Bollyn. Perseverance pays off in the end…


King Ashkenaz is the stemfather of the German(ic) tribes, hence Ashkenazi Jews are Jews living in Ashkenaz’ realm. Since Russia was founded by Swedes and Magna Germania reached eastward including the Ukraine until the region became Slavonized, Jews living there maintained the hyphenation.


Always good to see Bollyn getting exposure for his research. I actually tend to disagree with him, though, about Gelatin/Gelitin being a total red herring. Those interested in a dissenting view on that topic might find this article interesting:


Interesting to hear Bollyn got picketed by an organised Jewry offshoot. These seemingly small, kooky, harmless outfits are taking orders from the larger Jewish establishment, Israel lobby, even Israeli embassy ‘diplomats’. No offence but Bollyn’s hardly high profile. Even in the ‘9-11 truther’ peak, he was shunned by so called ‘alt. media’ & con$piracy entertainment market for naming the Jew. So why is a seemingly small, SJW4Jews, far left, Marxist presenting Judeo/Israeli supremacist group giving Bollyn extra publicity, reviving his profile? Why is he still on their radar after so long? Is Jewish power overreaching? In such a privileged position, do they have to search for / invent opposition — give their ppl something to do, give their papers, media, websites a Nazi to write… Read more »