Circus Maximus: Controlled Opposition Plots (11-25-16)


Nick speaks with Greg, John, and Gadsen about what is happening with the current gatekeeping operations on the right, and how it is all working toward a worrisome future.

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Thanks for recommending the book “Merchants of Deception” by Eric Scheibeler
I look forward to reading it. Great show, lots of good info.


great show Nick. Glad to have called in to speak my part. We have to be cautious about the controlled opps and continue to speak the truth.


i discovered some creepy trump related info. first of all drumpf is 33 in numerology. second of all – do you remember how “yes we can” reversed was “thank you satan”? .. on a hunch i checked “make america great again” and guess what it is reversed? “thank you satan again”