Circus Maximus: Drew – White Ops (4-1-16)

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Nick and Drew discuss some of the interesting connections between White dissident groups, leading to questions of controlled opposition. They discuss the gay and promotion within the AltRight, the Trump promotion, and other important topics related to our world and struggle today.

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8 years ago

What’s the Celtic song in the break at 1.30 after the Antisemitox ad Nick?

Circus Maximus
Reply to  Peter
8 years ago

Not sure Peter. I didnt load up any of the bumpers. I have been slacking on getting my own bumpers up.

8 years ago

I’m glad you guys are having this discussion. “Most people” – that is “The Average Person”….(who is endowed with no more than a 100 IQ) are just too dumb to understand who and what they are up against. Let alone understand many of the Counterintelligence/Influence methods that are in use. There is a MASSIVE level of infiltration. You might be shocked to know just how bat it really is. But from the sounds of things, the two hosts this evening probably are not shocked at all. BTW, I see delaney’s fat ugly obese mug next to trump. How fitting – delaney is working with the feds too. Controlled opposition abounds.

8 years ago

Drew – I can assure you Garron Helm is real and genuine. I’ve met him. He’s just ‘young, dumb and full of cum’, as they say (and I mean that in the most flattering way – he’s not dumb; just young and full of vigour – with more care for the cause than for the consequences of his actions).

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