Circus Maximus: Edward Andrew – Background Briefing & Current Crises (2-24-17)

Nick speaks to Edward (aka Wardo Rants) about the videos he has been putting out, his own personal background, his own investigation into the Umpqua College shooting in Roseburg, and then they analyze the current events that are shaping our world into one hell of a place. Eddy will be on Monday night for the wildcard.

Photo credit: Michael Sullivan/The News-Review via AP

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4 years ago

Thanks for taking my call! Such a good vibe on nick’s shows. All the best to Wardo the VC local-

Reply to  Sean
4 years ago

thanks for you participation .. I enjoyed it

4 years ago

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm – policy document prepared in 1996 by the study group led by the jews, Netanyahu and R. Perle, calls for replacing the power of Iraq and Syria in the Middle East, with that of Turkey and Jordan. And we now know what horrors this US-Israeli manifesto has caused!

4 years ago

Delighted to get to know even more about you gentlemen, Nick and Edward. I am at the point where I will not let a doctor or anyone else connected with the medical-industrial complex to put anything on me or in me, a hand, a needle, a knife, medicine, tools or machinery of any type, etc., etc., without first consulting with either or both, each ‘retired,’ Dr. Rebecca Carley or Dr. Jennifer Daniels, to see what they would do if they were me.

Reply to  Brigid
4 years ago

the third leading cause of death in US —- medical errors!

Reply to  Brigid
4 years ago

Screw armed guards, if you want bodyguards, use a team of doctors. Much more lethal!

Ingrid B
4 years ago

Just wanted to add a couple of thoughts on Donald.. Listened to one of his speeches a couple of days ago..He was, as usual, saying all the right things, things people were hungry to hear, then it came, he asked his adoring audience if the US had ever won a war, and assured them that next time THEY WOULD WIN, at which the brain dead idiots erupted in applause.. .

The other thing.. I`m pretty sure that I heard, or read somewhere that Trump is importing his wall from Israel. It would be interesting to know if this is at the US taxpayers expense..

4 years ago

Happy belated birthday, dear Nick. I am looking forward to the Circus Maximus broadcast scheduled for this evening.

4 years ago

These researchers keep on bringing out the “Patriotard Myth” of auditing the fed. The FED by law IS audited every single year.. the audits are available for Your perusal. Is that research too hard for these “gentlemen”? Quit drinking the Corbett koolaid! Ron Paul was a shill controlled by the Koch brothers! The Fed act wasn’t brought in at xmas time, when all the senators and congressmen went home! If You subtract the senators and congressmen who “weren’t there” from the total votes.. the Fed Act still would have passed. If these “researchers” did just a little bit of reading, the would stop spreading patriot myths. This is why people don’t take alternative media seriously .. because research is “just too hard for these… Read more »

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