Circus Maximus: The God Emperor’s Political Providence (2-3-17)

Nick Spero does a call-in show, analyzing current events and criminal clowns, doing their song and dance in the big tent big top.

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3 years ago

“The natural World Order, which is based upon the irrevocable laws of the universe, has been temporarily replaced on Earth by the unnatural World Order of the parasite. All of the programs and energies of the parasite are devoted to a single goal, maintaining his feeding position upon the host.” Eustace Mullins, “The World Order: Our Secret Rulers. A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism.”

3 years ago

Great show Nick.
Good luck with all your familial engagements.

3 years ago

“Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program from the Ashes” Corbett Report interview of Doug Valentine, posted on Jan. 30, I very highly recommend. Am thrilled to learn, Nick, that you are attempting to bring Doug on your show, as a guest. Can’t wait!

Reply to  Brigid
3 years ago

“How Trump Filled the Swamp” Corbett Report, 2/3, includes more statements from Doug Valentine. Great video.

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