Circus Maximus: Alex Jones & Donald Trump’s Ties to CIA & CNP (10-21-16)


Nick discusses the recent DDOS attacks on several Internet sites, the stooges on the recent Red Ice livestream debate, the Council for National Policy, Alex Jones & his connections to CIA, Skull & Bones, and Donald Trump’s campaign manager Stephen Bannon’s mob ties. Music list

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Sir Algernon Farnsworth

There are a series of a young Alex Jones ‘in the gym’ photo series circulating on the web, and they all show an odd, blank look on Alex’s face. I would argue these photos are of Alex when he was in the midst of his MK Ultra programming, as he was having his previous personality wiped and replaced with his new CIA programming. Alex Jones was hand picked by the CIA to become the man he is now, in the position he is in right now. The intelligence community does not make mistakes. Mistakes are only made when an equal or greater force counter-acts the machinations of those in power and their dogs in the intelligence community. Thus, passivity becomes action against oneself. Miley Cyrus… Read more »


Well why should it be that if I do nothing I give my consent? How about unless I do give my consent explicitly and specifically it is valid. Why is it that these cunts get their will by default and I have to make an effort? How about nothing happens unless I give my explicit consent only after being told everything down to the finest detail, with no coercion, trickery or lies upon me? Why the fuck do these cunts get to lay down a rule and everything falls nicely into place unless we bust a gut to stop it? Fuck these niggers.

John A

Great show Nick, as always. Just a tidbit of personal experience I have on people shaving their eyebrows. (No, I’ve never done that, I like my eyebrows) I’ve spent a little time around people with severe psychological issues, and I noticed many of the schizophrenics would often shave their eyebrows off. One time I asked one of them, “Jesse” was his name, WHY he always shaves his eyebrows and he said “I like these orange flavored cigars, they make me think of George W. Bush.” I replied “Yeah I can understand how they would.” True story.


I have been looking forward to the podcast of this particular broadcast, what with the subject matter. thanks. Btw, Al Smith, a Catholic, held four terms as Governor of New York, so that is why the dinner is always in New York, and is lionized by the Catholics because he was the first Catholic ever nominated by a major party, for President (D. btw,)


The formal white-tie dinner is an annual fundraiser for Catholic charities, mainly to be to help needy children, and on the presidential election years, the D and R candidates are to ‘lampoon’ each other. I find that demonstration of the super-wealthy and powerful to be VERY disturbing.


I agree 100% listerine. I have only watched clips, which is all I could bear, of Trump bashing HRC, while she sat there with her wicked grin. This whole election is a complete sham, (as if anyone reading this didn’t know it), and the Al Smith dinner proves that beyond any doubt, imho. So disgusting to see how the people are made the laughing-stock of the super-wealthy and powerful by not seeing through it all.


And I know you were proud of your son’s show today, so informative and important that I had to listen to the last half, twice. All should listen.


Nick’s mom, I mean. And Shawn’s mom should be also, re the production and audio.

Michael Peroutka is an Interesting name, he was the first person I voted for in 2004. Met him, seems like a good human being. At the very least being in this CNP circle keeps you from pointing out Jewish Power.

One thing I forgot to mention about Howard Phillips, he is a tribe member. Current Presidential nominee Darrell Castle is a co-founder of the U.S. Taxpayers party(now the Constitution Party) with Phillips in 1992. CNP member Glenn Beck endorsed Darrell Castle on Vice TV. Lots of Mormons in this group I see.

A couple interesting links:

Great article on Howard Phillips, but sadly Mark Dankof is on the Trump train.

Glenn Beck(CNP) endorses Darrell Castle(possible CNP) for 2016 elections.

Nick Spero

Yep. Read the article by Mark Dankof months ago while looking into Roy Cohn, Lee Atwater, Roger Stone, Charlie Black, Paul Manafort & Terry Dolan.

I have covered Howard Phillips ad nauseam and will being doing so again this Friday :o)


Mark Dankof is such an obvious Fed/shill that is difficult to know how he Mark Glenn and the others at the Ugly Truth can still operate. Mark Glenn Trevor Lebonte,& Dankoff all lied there asses off when i called one of their Putin worshiping shows several tears ago to set the record straight, they used every single underhanded tactic of the Rat/informant.

You could be right, Chris. Mark Dankof was the most heartbreaking of the opposition to Jewish Power to endorse Trump. He was one of the first I learned about 9/11 from and seems to have such a firm grasp on geopolitical affairs. Shows you question everyone, even for me to question myself from time to time.

Nick Spero

Guess who my guest is this week? Mark Dankof 🙂

I will be discussing how he rubbed elbows with CNP Howard Phillips & Lee Atwater; business partner of Roger Stone & Paul Manafort.

I will take calls the 2nd hour so feel free to call in 😛


ExceIIent should be a great show!

Trevor Lebonte has at least three Facebook pages. I made some memes of him and posted them on my own page. He’s a jew that has his own jazz outfit and is a pretentious anti-zionist National Socialist lover who posits many falsehoods about the NS and the Ethnic makeup of Germany back then. He’s definitely an anti-white non WN Moslem migrant lover saying that these people are being imported to “kick out the jews because WN can’t and never achieved anything” LMAO ! Mark Glenn you’ll find on Daily Stormer and is also an informant, like so many with these sorts of subjects 🙂 * Personally though, I wouldn’t link anything coming from the Southern Poverty Law for any subject. That’s a Foreign Rats nest… Read more »