Circus Maximus: James Lancia – The Black Pill (4-7-17)

Nick is joined by James Lancia, author of Downtown White Police, about the worsening situation in South Africa, Trump’s escalation in Syria, truck attacks and false flags, policing, microchipping, distractions, the cashless society, the war on Whites, what needs to be done, and much more.

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Good show Nick .. Isn’t it funny that Trump starts off calling Assad a Dictator even though he was elected by his own people several times .. the last time if I recall right was right after being accused of using chemical weapons on his people. Another point .. They bomb the exact spot that this crime allegedly happened .. guess we won’t be having an investigation now will we.


I have not listened to the show yet. However, I wish to point out the following despatch (from Reuters): Thu Apr 6, 2017 | 10:39pm EDT U.S. informed Russia ahead of cruise missile strikes on Syria base The U.S. military gave Russian forces advanced notice of its strikes on a Syrian airbase and did not hit sections of the base where the Russians were believed to be present, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said on Thursday. Davis, briefing reporters on the operation, said the U.S. military had “multiple” conversations with Russian forces on Thursday before the strike, using a line of communication that had previously been established to prevent an accidental clash in Syria during the fight against Islamic State. (Reporting by Phil Stewart and… Read more »


Line of communication = kikes


LOL True that.

yeah well that was from Rothschild’s RAG .. to my knowledge there was no warning to Russia .. this was a retaliation to Syria Downing Israeli Jets and opening up a way for more Aggression from Israel and cohorts .. As it turns out the Al Shayrat airfield is nowhere near the Idlib airfield which is already in rebel controlled area and where this alleged gas BS happened. the Al Shayrat air field is one of the most forward air bases in southern Syria. There is only one air base closer to Israel and I would imaging would be easy pickings for Israel and allow them easier access to deeper penetration into Syrian territory. Thats just my observation!!


Its all fucking bs!! Trump another neocon zio stooge. Altright now protesting this donkey!!!


I agree with your claim that it was done in retaliation for the downing of the Israeli jets, let me quote Thierry Meyssan: […] The Syrian anti-air defence system includes S-300’s controlled by the Syrian Arab Army and S-400’s served by the Russian army. These weapons are supposed to be capable of intercepting cruise missiles, although the situation has never yet presented itself in combat conditions. They are, of course, triggered automatically, but they did not function either. Therefore no anti-missile missiles were fired, neither by the Russian army, nor by the Syrian army. When the US cruise missiles hit their targets, they landed on a military base which was almost deserted, having been evacuated only a short time before. Therefore, the missiles destroyed the… Read more »


Thierry Meyssan, of, published an interesting article yesterday (he is based in Syria). You can easily find with the Russian search engine
Donald Trump asserts his authority over his allies
Don’t be confused by the diplomatic games and the Pied Piperism of the major medias. What happened this morning in Syria has no connection with the story you are being told about it, nor the conclusions which are being drawn for you.
Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 7 April 2017


Now that is uncanny Wardo, wasn’t Saddam “accused” of the same thing, or similar thing back in the 90’s which is why we JUST HAD to intervene on behalf of the kikehood? Syria still has a bit left that is national socialist or at least their OWN government. What really really REALLY baffles me is that the whole world cannot come to an agreement to crush this kike pestilence. I have no issue with other races, and I think we could all have a mutual objective of true peace if we all clubbed together and collectively stomped the toxoplasm that keeps on making our lives a problem.

John from Canada

Accusing countries of killing babies is usually a prelude to military invasion.


This speech of Trumps is so nauseating…
The ultimate lying and hypocrisy.
Unbelievable 🙁
And the fact that some people still believe this is just incomprehensible


F___ him and every military slave that carries out his pro-kike orders.


Seriously, I punch myself in the face that I ever believed that this shitcan would be any good. I have no excuse but to say I really fucked up in my thinking.


Why does he complain about blacks making pizzas? They invented it. 8 Million years ago. Everybody knows that.
Great show. I love this guy, James Lancia.


It was atleast 10 million years and no less. How dare you. 🙂 … yes it was a good show


I remember when some nappy fro’d peanut-head told me “Man Beethoven wuz black.” Oooo! Wait, let me guess, so was Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, Clark Gable, etc, etc.


If Beethoven was truly a black he would have titled his piece “Sheet, Dis Be Moolite Sonada Yo, In Dat Muffukin C Sharp Minor Nigga Dayum”, “Dis Sheet Be Fo’ Eleeze Homie, Straight Up Yo”


I know, right?
“Yawl readay fuh this piece?” (starts playing Moonlight Shiz-nata)


blacks are THE original originals. They invented everything, they created everything in advance before they became low IQ niggers because of the White man. All cultures are nigger cultures, no thought or inspiration exists that does not originate from a nigger. Everyone is a nigger. Drive by shootings and a KFC addiction is a latter day manifestation of Pyramid building habits. Nike air jordans are high tech niggermorphic designs that incorporate high energy Pyramid technology. All ideas, culture, art belongs to the black mayne and everyone stole they ideas because we wuz slaves n sheet”


The guest has many good things to say, but whenever I hear the christard shit I get repulsed. Once you have a thorough understanding of the poison that is christianity there is no going back.


Roughly 80min into the show; vow, it is pretty bad when firefighters are being ambushed by ‘the alien mob’ and nurses stabbed in hospitals. As regards ambushes of firemen, I have heard of similar instances here in Europe too, perpetrated by the same, apparently. I was saw a French documentary set in a district in Paris, filmed over a few days. The police station was even attacked, again by the same kind of ‘alien mob’.


Driive by shootings and murders galore are now common in my city, and almost ALL of the known perpetrators are of the Negroid race. I do only know of one episode of police stations here being shot up (3 in number,btw} and he is now locked up, a Negro; and of only one police officer’s home being shot up, and he and his wife and their children are Caucasian and the perpetrator, now locked up, Negro. Cannot tell you the number of times men in cars or walking try to disturb even threaten me during the day and the racial identity of the vast majority of them is Negro. And yes because of existence of brutes, to the best of my ability, I am what… Read more »


In my late teens, in a neighbouring country, under the presidency of the socialist Mitterrand, they had the cheek to implant white guilt (which they describe as fighting racism) with a stupid slogan (in the form of a badge): ‘Touche pas à mon pote’ (‘Hands off my buddy’*). They, the string pullers, have this uncanny ability to make you believe that black is white (turning the world upside down). BTW, whenever there is anything that has to do with ‘fighting racism’, it is worth looking at the surnames of the people involved.
* ‘Touche pas à mon pote’: in many ways, a precursor to the ‘Je suis Charlie’ Pavlovian slogan of January 2015.


Brigid, who can be find gloating over the change brought about by his ilk in England? Let me quote the conclusion to an article published in an important British propaganda tool, The Guardian: ‘But the main story is surely that this country has undergone a radical transformation in this last decade and the ones before – and it has done so with relative peace and relative calm. No one will hand out any gold medals for that, but it’s a kind of triumph all the same.’, article entitled ‘Census shows a changing of the guard in Britain’, published in the leftie and totally owned The Guardian on 11th Dec 2012, the author’s name: Jonathan Freedland. Should you be interested in the full article, go to… Read more »


Link to the IMF report: The Macroeconomics of De-Cashing Author/Editor: Alexei P Kireyev Publication Date: March 27, 2017 Summary: The paper presents a simple framework for the analysis of the macroeconomic implications of de-cashing. Defined as replacing paper currency with convertible deposits, de-cashing would affect all key macroeconomic sectors. The overall macreconomic impact of de-cashing would depend on the balance of growth-enhancing and growth-constraining factors. Starting from a traditional saving-investment balance, the paper develops a four-sector macroeconomic framework. It is purely illustrative and is designed to provide a roadmap for a systematic evaluation of de-cashing. The framework is disaggregated into the real, fiscal, monetary, and external sectors and potential implications of de-cashing are then identified in each sector. Finally, the paper draws a balance on… Read more »


Good to hear Lancia again on the show. I wish he still made youtube videos.


Oh yes, excellent show. I was worried because I had not had uploads from his youtube channel. Excellent work.


So much to the point, that this part of the show (36min23sec to 39min35sec) had to be transcribed (to the best of my ability), even if doing so from (what is basically) a telephone conversation might seem a little unfair (given that this conversation was not meant to be put into print): Nick: Not only are they deterring or preventing harmful sun […] you know, the vitamin D that we should be harnessing when we’re out outdoors but they’ve also created a society for, mostly white people, a lot of other races as well, where they have us indoors now. Our jobs are in offices: we’re not building anything outdoors so much any more, we’re not outdoors, we’re not farming. We’re indoors, on gadgets, on… Read more »


PS do not get me wrong: I agree to the fullest with what both speakers are saying here…