Circus Maximus: Jan From South Africa – The Great Jewish Mask (11-18-16)


Nick speaks with Jan from History Reviewed Channel about The Great Jewish Mask in Hour One. Hour Two: They discuss South African history, subversion, White genocide, how White’s must be vigilant and fight for what they’ve built.

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Jan would be great in the Thursday night host slot.

Shawna Marie

Jan’s series on the great jewish mask is one of my favorites on YouTube. I share it a lot & keep going back to listen.
I love this guy & just hope he will get off the TRSump train soon. Also his storm roof is leaking. Just saying.

My favourite too 🙂


Storm roof is leaking?


How on earth would you know he has a storm roof let alone that it is leaking?


Brilliant guest, HRC is impressive in his research and quality of information, thanks for getting him on.

Līga Arāja

I’m 100% Latvian girl and I’m a fukin pagan. So.. Here you go.

Nick Spero

I love the people from the Baltic region & my Lithuanian blood for their resistance to the Judeo/Christian onslaught and being the last vestige of our ancient ways. Do Latvian pagans practice Romuva like Lithuanian folk do?


Judaism’s Strange Gods utube.Judsism not Biblical.Fakse Traditions in & Catholicism .Note:Whatever you believe the Universe is not self existing

HRC is the best. I’m going to hear the interview now. Really looking forward to it.

Er du Dansker!? Tænk at jeg ikke er den eneste tilbage. Hvis det har interesse har jeg lagt DNSB videoer ud på youtube. Sikke en ære.

Ja jeg er dansker. Hvem er du Iga? gud jamen den kanal abonerer jeg da allerede på. elsker historien om slaverne i Afrika, den om Portugal og den om arbejdslejren og hvad de lavede der (husker ikke lige hvad den hedder). Så kan du jo kigge på disse:

Se min fb 🙂
Men godkender kun dem jeg kender fordi jeg er infiltreret nok i forvejen. Der står næsten 200 venskabsanmodninger jeg ikke orker gå igennem. Er pt blokeret. Har næsten været blokeret 5 måneder i træk.

Skriv til mig på

Glæder mig til at høre fra dig 🙂

Ville du skrive til mig Lga Lga? Jeg er ved at uploade de fleste af dine radio udsendelser…

Very very good show. Please bring him back on soon. He has so much to teach us about history.

Every day I look for new videoes from HRC.


Awesome interview. I agree with the guest on all goals and military thoughts. From what I heard I think it would be good to have him on more and to discuss the mistakes made in the past, the assassinations that we need to plan to avoid and redundancies that must be created to eliminate new strikes on our command and control points. Tip of the hat to Nick and Jan.


Excellent discussion and a great guest. I believe Jan was referring to diodorus sicculus in (one of the many extant) Greco/Roman references of jewish massacres of non-jews. Who knows how many other accounts have been conveniently “lost” to history. When I first read it I thought to myself exactly what he said: almost exactly the same MO as the bolsheviki. Has anyone looked into the Abhira from India and the possible connections to the Hebrew? The sources I’ve come across refer to these mauradeering cutthroats and thieves, the abhira, who were regarded by the Indians themselves as foreigners. They were supposedly worshippers of kali and sowed death and destruction wherever they went. Interesting to note that Aristotle stated the hebrew/Indian connection and that many words… Read more »


I’ve been wondering for some time about an Indian jew connection. A lab that I worked in, and in other research labs, have had quite a few Indians. A number of them have some what close set eyes and the typically damning arch/ bridge in the middle of their nose. One had the name Miriam which appears to be a jewish name, and the Israeli jew she worked with had no problem recruiting her for watching her daughter’s. The abundance of these people around jewish run labs or labs with Jews seems abnormally high when considering how many other non-whites could be stuffed into those positions to satiate new “diversity” quotas. Will others please chime in on their personal thoughts regarding the close set eyes… Read more »


Hmmm. Need to take a closer look at Nikki Haley and Dinesh D’Souza now…

Vet sandy hook researcher

Yes, this is a thing. Some say the tchandala or pariah sub-caste were the original Hebrews thus rebelling against the Aryan rulers. Thus the name Abraham would have its origin in a-brahmin; not, or against, the brahmin. This would be the origin of the millennial conflict between the Aryans and Hebrews.


Awesome! Finally! I haven’t even listened yet so I’ll edit or add more later haha!


I am really glad you got to interview this man. It would be fantastic if Kyle could give him a spot. Youtube is a precarious place and he usually does mostly audio. Jan has a few relevant images and links that could be added to the podcast file. Anyway warm regards to you Nick and your guest Jan.


What a great guest! I find myself very curious as to how exactly White people came to leave themselves more or less defenseless by giving their country over to a hostile Black population rather than keeping some significant segment on the ocean for themselves and figure out a way to make that work.,; but definitely away if possible from the jewish owned diamond and gold mines. It makes no sense. But the key is, I suppose, who was in the key power positions of government, probably crypto-jews; and who controlled the mass media esp. news sources. Usually jews like to have a tight grip on that. Probably the White people were not aware of jewry as the implacable enemy that inevitably they must have been.… Read more »


This was interesting. These guys think Josephus was a fake and made after the fact..

Arthur burke

I’ve been following Nick on YT…..Finding some great material which has really enlightened my mind and thinking about this world…Why all the troubles? Why the wars? Why a favored people? why the push on multi culturalism? what this NWO agenda really is.. It is beginning to make sense now. Eye opening!…thank you!


Nick: Two people who I would like interviewed if you are also interested are Colin Flaherty of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry and another guy Jan Irving of Gnostic Media. Jan has been outing the CIA et al. for spreading LSD. Lately he has been pointing to a “anti-gentile ” agenda. I think that you might be able to draw that out of him. I hope that they are receptive to being approached and that you would feel amenable to the idea.
Has Ryan Dawson of Zionism Watch ever been interviewed? – I will check after posting. He was interviewed by the Corbett Report he might have a word on open source research.

Nick Spero

Ryan Dawson was on my show. Click on my photo (Friday slot) and you will see all my archives. Dawson had a sort of a blow out on my show when he was asked questions that didn’t fit within his paradigm. I have considered having Jan Irvin on my show. I have to get rid of the resentment I have towards him due to how he responded to an email I sent to him when I was trying to book him to be on Josh Reeves show years ago. His response was rude and uncalled for, especially since I asked him politely to consider being a guest on Josh’s show. I’d like to have James Corbett on sometime due to his research value. Not really… Read more »

Drake D

Great answer. I guess I know what you mean about Jan Irving. He has been really arrogant at times. Never mind him. The worst with him for me was an open discussion about a FOIA request response where the CIA said “There are no records responding to your request”. So he said that meant there WAS records because “responding” was a term of art. Pretty caustic condescension followed in the comments. I learn stuff from his show so I forget how he is.


Yes Jan Irvin would be excellent, although I have to agree, he is a bit prone to emotional prolapsing and throwing toys out of prams, but he is a sound heavyweight.


With regards to deep politics (personally my sentiment is that politics itself is just an abstraction put upon human social organisation to better exploit them) but, Jan’s expose on how the CIA engineered the WHOLE 60s hippy and counterculture movement is superb. In fact when you look at it, it wouldn’t surprise me if ALL human “ages” and movements i.e. Rennaisance, Postmodernism, were just all ways of imposing some kind of commercial and cultural hijack of Whites, in order to slowly trick us into some other line of tradition and history.


As is said in the Chan culture, lurk more. I think you’ll find Dawson and Flaherty to call way short on the jewish problem. Not familiar with the other guy but that surname might indicate some concern.

Drake D

I just shared a Dawson video. It was pretty specific about some group of Jews who snitch on videos that mention Jews. It wasn’t life changing stuff but he is doing something against jewish double standards. No big criticism from me for honest effort. Irving isn’t a Jew. Kind of hyper logical. Maybe “autistic” is the term. He has been sharing his research for years, not really a bad guy. Somewhat open source. He has a database of people connected by promoting drugs in America for one thing, The people are well known and might have connections to other anti-white stuff. I’ve been listening to his stuff for years. He is evidence based like the work Sinead did on the process church a week ago.


you and others – it’s Jan IRVIN, not Irving, fwiw