Circus Maximus: Jan Irvin – CIA Mind Control Cults (1-13-17)

Nick speaks to Jan Irvin from Gnostic Media about a wide variety of subjects related to the CIA’s promotion of drugs and destruction of the family through counter-culture movements. Jan is not there for the first half hour so Nick goes over the Knights Templar and Friday the 13th and then reads through some of Jan’s work.

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Anne Frank Sound Proofing Ltd.

History Reviewed has been shut down,but he has #2 chennel up and also this channel : Team White

Wrong Jan but just the information that I have been looking for.
Thanks Anne Frank

At “They are Satanists” posted by, posted Jan, 15, 2017 Sofia Smallstorm talking about how dark she has come to believe the world is. I am grateful to Andrew M. Lobaczewsky for struggling against odds to get the important book he wrote published, namely, POLITICAL PONEROLOGY ( A Science on the Nature o Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes).

That worked out really good. Congratulations on a successful show.

Excellent set, great to have Jan on again.

Feminism is a form of Jewish control. 4 minutes. Also, Steinem on film admitting she was a spook.

If this substance, opium, is so destructive as the main stream and so many “truthers” claim (disturbingly), then please tell me why not ONE single instance in recorded history can be found, for thousands upon thousands of years (mesopotamians, Egyptians, assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans throughout the Middle Ages, etc.) chronicaling its horrific, devastating, family-uprooting, mind blowing cataclysmic effects?? Why, on the contrary, do we find the exact opposite, namely societies (some of the most prosperous and long-lived in history) praising this god-awful natural plant? Again, why was the ONLY constitutional amendment banning a substance alcohol? Opium wars in China? How about the devastating effects of booze on Indians? Ah I see…we like booze don’t we. The travesty here with the CIA and others is the… Read more »

Aside from that, interesting show, thanks Nick.

The written history on those cultures of the past on the planet has to be viewed likely flawed. We know who has controlled the narrative and their stories are tainted with lies and deception. This is not saying that I know it all but how do we know the real facts when they control everything including our ability to experiment in our own proper way??

The Yiddish Empire weaponized opium by altering its chemical makeup from what I have heard from other researchers. It’s gotten even worse by synthesizing it into more powerful forms like fentanyl which is killing thousands of people. Opium back in the day is not the same “opiate” it was centuries ago. Just like cannabis.

The main motive behind banning alcohol in America was to create a black market for the (((Mafia))). This time period allowed jews to become even more powerful. Their profits led to the formation of Hollywood, creation of Las Vegas & other money laundering operations, to control/influence the shabbos goy politicians, etc…

Yes, heroin is an artificially manipulated substance. I heard something that cannabis is being manipulated, that is why there is a jewish motive behind making cannabis popular, I think they are modifying it from the original strain.

Nick do you have any sources for that assertion about the main motive behind Prohibition? I’m not challenging it, I’m just intrigued and wondering if that’s what your own theory.

There is another theory on the alcohol prohibition. Alcohol was the main fuel of the model T. Farmers could make fuel and sell it for side income and use it in their cars. Rockefeller gave money to the Temperance Union for one to have alcohol banned so he could sell his petroleum based fuel. David Blume author of Alcohol is a Gas made this argument. As far as alcohol becoming the backbone of organized crime it is the whole reason they had to end prohibition. I would think googling “end of prohibition” would do it.

Not my theory. Based on research and my family history. The Sicilian & Jewish mob (Bronfman Seagrams) in Louisiana had a monopoly on sugar which is a required ingredient for producing booze. My family migrated to Louisiana from Italy & Sicily and then to Kansas City, MO.

It is literally a “drug war” they are using the drugs as weapons.

Thanks for another good show. I have listened to Jan in the past and appreciate the trivium. Thanks to Joyster for the call in, confirmed my suspicions of john lash. I have similar concerns about Jan’s co host, handler maybe, triggers my suspicions with some of his input and the timing it occurs. But i am a self confessed gullible goy, a skeptical cynic on a good day, which is today thanks again.

Who is the co host that you speak of?

Please listen to this, as I ask of it’s relevance to the topic.
1:15 I am told “german peasants were paying money to eat human flesh, according to accounts”. If i apply the trivium to this claim; Where would peasants get the money to buy human flesh?
Why would they have the desire to eat human flesh? Do they have a documented history of such behavior? Or is this projection again by those who do have all of the above. Lastly the body language of the speaker as the claim is made.

“According to accounts.” and you debunk the claim as he invites you to do. That’s what he expects you to do because he is discussing how it is that “gentiles” get into these situations like walking into machine gun fire. In the old folktales there are stories about people who eat children in times of famine. He wasn’t insulting the German people or trying to impeach them. He is saying that ordinary people are manipulated into desperate situations. I think he is making a case against masons.

Interesting comment on Joe Atwill. I have noticed him doing some subtle things to steer the conversation and “handle” Jan. Joe is not a spook. Like a recent show when Jan mentioned that he really likes “bulletproof coffee”. Atwill will piped in that he really likes “burbee water filters”. Those are endorsements and Atwill was chiding him not to make endorsements by mentioning a product that he likes too. In the earlier shows Jan would dwell too long on some things and since Atwill has schooled him in his charming and diplomatic way, the conversation flows better and is more interesting. These old guys like Atwill have a rule: “make the other guy look good”. It is a useful habit if you want to improve… Read more »