Circus Maximus: Jonathan Azaziah – Resisting Zionist Plots (2-10-17)

Nick speaks with Jonathan Azaziah to analyze the pernicious plots taking place in America, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and India.

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3 years ago

Good show Nick. And yet once again we get a country and a world controlled and destroyed with the help and stupidity of another jew mind virus. This man is well informed and well versed while seeing the jew poison and sickness across the globe for centuries his chosen virus of islam takes center stage. No worries really but simply another imparting of the complete insanity of his ‘brothers’ on display and in play by those who hold his religion on high. It never changes. The plague on the world started in earnest with trotsky and lenin which is why anyone under the age of 40 has no clue who they even were. Ask them as I have. Clueless. The nazi game doesnt work because… Read more »

3 years ago

So informative. Thanks so very very much Nick and Jonathan.

3 years ago

That was a truly epic program. You guys really work well together. Perhaps an example of what we can do together.
Your collective Geo-political analysis simply cannot be topped. Thankyou

3 years ago

New East Versus West jewish Paradigm Resulting in West Asian Assertion of Influence; Being Led by Asian jewish Coalition (Former Soviet and Israeli Factions): Daily Stormer, TRS, Duke, Black, Alex Jones, Spencer, Heimbach et al. have a common thread of pro-Russian-Putin-Dugin worship and very shady backgrounds involving ties to Deep State organizations, which are themselves controlled by jewish money and influence. A normalization of West Asian superiority within the Western mind is at play as witnessed across the Western world. For example, Merkel’s Germany bows to all Turkish demands, the Islamization of Europe or European children being forced to ‘pray’ (worship) at Islamic mosques. Eurasianism and Fourth Political Theory is clearly anti-Western (a reaction to Western [Atlantean] power and influence worldwide) and anti-White. It is… Read more »

Circus Maximus
Reply to  PolesRunHo11ywood
3 years ago

Great comment. Not sure if this term has been coined as of yet but I would say that the Eurasian Movement should be called The Great Erasure. I will be having Brandon Martinez on soon and I intend on covering this topic at great length.

3 years ago

GTFO Abrahamic fables are all the same shit from the same fucking degenerate culture lacking bastardized racial outcast germs of humanity -just different magicians performing for different groups of people.No difference in these “religions” aside from a single thing the west has forgotton -tribal loyalty!

3 years ago

If Moslims love Jesus so much and not at war against Christians(white people) why do they rape and kill us in Europe then? The Koran encourage them to lie about they believe.

Reply to  Dahl
3 years ago

They rape and kill because thats their natural behaviour. Genetics.
Blacks in the USA and in South Africa rape and kill as well, they dont need Islam for that and removing Islam wont fix the problem.

Reply to  Dahl
3 years ago

Why so many dislikes? I’m just stating the obvious.

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