Circus Maximus: Kyle & Sinead – Mind Control Mafia Cartoons (1-6-17)

Kyle and Sinead fill in for Nick after his mysterious disappearance right before the show (don’t worry, he’s fine. IT issues). They discuss the recent shooting in Ft. Lauderdale, the anti-White attack on a Trump supporter, how degenerate cartoons are part of a mind control operation, and much more. David, chris dorsey, and other callers stop in.

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Reading the comments on the (((reactionary jew)))^666 interview restored my faith on our folk.
Hopefully, they’ll thank Renegade in the future for being the beacon of reason and realism during the worst current year ever (aka. 2016).


You two are at your best improvising- hope nick is alright.


I always look forward to Fridays in hearing Nick but you guys hit the ball out of the park tonight! Awesome full-spectrum analysis, thank you.

David Marshal

Just started listening… off topic- Daily Stormer now hosts absurd ads ! Some of them seem anti white ! ( Unless my computer is screwy. Check it out).


You made me look at that site for the first time in years. I like how it’s ‘Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer’. Can’t imagine Kyle changing Renegade to ‘Kyle Hunt’s’ Renegade Tribune.

About the Kuru Disease that Sinead is mentioning: It started when I was listening to a youtube about pizzagate. They said that some people think that Hillary has Kuru Disease (like mad cow disease). Then I started watching a documentary about a cannibalistic tribe on Papua New Guinea who has this Kuru Disease: Tribe members on New Guinea explained that they learned to be cannibals by some ancestors and the scientists said that the Kuru disease started 100 years ago. I thought, that was strange. Why should a thousands year old tribe suddenly start to be cannibals. Unless jews had been there, I thought ….. And they had: “Once there, Elisheva discovered people who are obviously direct descendants of Jews. In the 1400s and… Read more »


I read a book about Kuru about 15 years ago.
So bizarre….
My students thought it was a strange thing to read about.
I became interested in it due to the supposed “Mad Cow Disease”
Thanks for stepping up to the plate for Nick folks!


The prion disease. Clint Richardson does a real big look at the prion diseases especially the vaccines that can cause them by switching on and off certain genetic markers.

Why is my comment about Kuru deleted? It was important.


It’s not deleted. Not sure what you’re talking about.


interesting show to say the least. I agree with you guys on the whole fake shooting thing, who knows what to believe. Also, on topic of Red Ice I also thought that they were some sort of agents a long time ago as well. I did meet them both in person as well and it was awkward to say the least. And with the caller saying that sometimes “non whites” are more openly nat soc is true. I guess you could say I’m half “non white” being part Lebanese. Over there national socialism is pretty big. Plus you can say & openly talk about Israel and (((who))) runs things w/o getting thrown in jail like in Europe.


Check out the JewTube channel “Jewrassic Liars”. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says (such as his support for Christianity), but he does a great job of identifying hoaxes in the media. I was aware of all the big hoaxes like Sandy Hook and San Bernadino, but I had no idea how many hoaxes are in the local media. Check it out….”Jewrassic Liars”.


“Hey everybody, it’s the UNEDJEWcation of a nation!” I mentioned this guy on another host’s show, did you see the one where he confronts the jew with the stall on the sidewalk stirring shit with the muslims.? Like you I’m not in concord with some of his stances, but the news story connections are quite interesting.


Yes, I saw that one. The jew/fake Christian guy is such a snake, like all jews. Have you seen the videos where Jewrassic talks about the meanings of different letters and and words? Quite interesting. and . Also, his videos about the Rosebowl parade were fascinating. I love the way he ends each video with either “the jews are the spawns of satan” or “hey, jews…..FUCK YOU!” LOL Cracks me up. I would love to hear Kyle interview this guy.


Ye I have, some of them are the very first ones, but there are others interspersed in the video list. Check out the latest one on North Korea. Once you start to see that the media is just a complete acted out reality” show that is designed to resonate with you psychologically, and the content is scripted and edited shit, just to provide some kind of narrative they want you to see, you get this fear that comes from the realisation that ALL of this is pure fake. How much of our lives are built on 100% lie. Whe I watch the news now it looks so cheesy and transparent.


When you think about it, how could they keep up with finding, organising, processing and then reporting stories as they occur? It would be impossible at the rate they are doing it. 99% of the news STORIES are made up by acting and filming squads. Logistically even with the size the media monster is, you can’t break Physics and time.


listening now; glad it was recorded due to 8pm start time; dig hearing you two just riff off the cuff.


kinky cooking with Emily (or one of her alters at least)


Wow! Degenerate filth at its finest.


hate to say it, but I’m not really sold on this girl being a nationalist and all that. Yeah,she’s made some good nationalist parody videos (just as you have, Sinead), but I’m not 100% sold on her. Then again, we weren’t all sure about Evalion at first. Maybe they’ve outgrown that stuff (as that video was from 2011) I guess we shall wait and see.

Sinead Mccarthy

This is so disturbing. She does seem to have multiple personalties which is a major sign of ritual abuse.


Who are you referring to here Sinead – Emily Youcis?

Sinead Mccarthy

Yes, Joyster. Emily Youcis.


Esteban Santiago, a Puerto Rican, is the name of the suspect in the Ft. Lauderdale shooting and according a person cited as his aunt, “had started acting strangely when he returned from Iraq, (in 2010) and about a month ago, ‘lost his mind'”. He was in the Alaska National Guard and was discharged for ‘unsatisfactory performance’ according to a spokesman, Reportedly, two months ago, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska, in Nov., claiming voices in his head were telling him to join ISIS.
Btw, I hate to point out that there are huge numbers of people who are loyal, to use their words, to Hillary Clinton,, no matter what you tell them about her.

Sinead Mccarthy

I bet another reason for him being x-military is to further justify taking guns away from vets that return from (((war))).


Hey David
Where in NOLA is the Irish canal?
Thanks for being on the show!