Circus Maximus: Leaks and Freaks (3-10-17)

Nick goes over some of the most important events of the past week, mainly focusing on Vault 7, Roger Stone’s connection to Wikileaks and how he is literally a cuck, election hacking, Amazon’s echo chamber, and much more.

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7 years ago

With regards to Muslim terrorism: I recently had the RCMP and Victoria PD attempt to entrap me. The RCMP and the VicPD had a Muslim man (and his wife) attempt to befriend me at the local YMCA gym. The police had the man hang around the gym for a few months before finally approaching me and attempt to engage me in conversation. I did not respond, nor have I ever spoken to this man or his wife. I did observed his keen interest in me as he observed me for months, sizing me up. The man and his wife are the same individuals who it is alleged attempted to blow up the BC Legislature building (BC Parliament) in Victoria, BC. using a pressure cooker device.… Read more »

Reply to  PolesRunHo11ywood
7 years ago

Just wondering how do you know that this man in the gym wasn’t dick gazin’ at this very well proportioned individual who’s obviously been working out lately and had swollen muscles. (not a joke)

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Did hear somewhere that Alex Jones was taken to the cleaners by his jewish ex, so he rented a billboard which was beside the freeway she took to work every day, where he posted things of piss her off..

Reply to  Ingrid B
7 years ago

That would be hilarious. So he isn’t blaming holocaust trauma and endless persecution of her innocent and persecuted self? I would have thought he would be more understanding given all the years of persecution Oy VAY! LeL

7 years ago

It has got to the point where literally half the people I pass in the streets are staring at their phones, it’s very alienating and annoying.

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