Circus Maximus: Libyan War The Truth (8-26-16)


Nick speaks with James and Joanne Moriarty along with a Libyan tribal leader by the name of Muftah Faraj about their story in Libya, their escape and how they were blacklisted by American intelligence agencies, the greatness of Libya and their leader Muammar Gaddafi, Western sanctions & the invasion, Benghazi incident and the various proxy armies involved with the destruction & destabilization.

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I have been listening to renegade for a few years now and this is one of the best shows I have heard. Not to say that there have not been others that blew my socks off, but this show needs to be heard by everyone and I will share with emphasis. Nick and Graham have both been great additions to the line up. In my opinion, and i am am not new to alternative news outlets, Renegade is the tops. Thanks guys!

Thanks for having these great guests on Nick. This is by far the best show I now have for my arsenal, in proving to so many Australians I have spoken to, that Gaddafi was not the monster he was made out to be.

Excellent show Sir!

Thank you for producing this.

James and Joanne Moriarty flesh out details of the Libyan theater in ongoing CIA/MI6/Mossad 4GW wars against non-psychopathic people. The couple have been revealing this for about three years. Here is another recent interview:

Unfortunately, they are still naïve about Jews, but appear to be learning. This takes longer for those infected with (((belief))).


Karen in E Tenn

Great show, Nick! I really enjoyed hearing your guests share their knowledge and experiences. Everyone should learn the truth about what really happened in Libya.

Circus Maximus

Thanks for the compliments folks. This was one of the most important shows I have ever done.

Good Dictator

Fantastic show, absolutely one of my favorite! Nick is one of my new heroes and the guests in this show are amazing! I really hope they can live and spread their knowledge. I will definitely follow them and support them as much as I can. I truly have at heart the Libyan tragedy, and I have always thought of Gaddafi as the closest leader to Adolf Hitler in recent history, even if I consider TGO unsurpassable and monumental! I have always considered the Libyan tragedy as the saddest episode since WII. If I understood correctly, he even agreed to basically disarm as a sign of his peaceful intentions. Outrageous! So sad! And Syria is just as sad, although it is not over yet… Well, excellent… Read more »

Circus Maximus

Thank you very much. I’m only doing what I feel is righteous & noble. Thing is, I do not want to be anyone’s hero. I would prefer that everyone becomes a hero to themselves. Be noble. Do whatever it takes to be heroic.

Good Dictator

You are right and I agree, “inspiration” would’ve described better what I feel you are to me. What you do is rare and precious (and so is what many others at Renegade Broadcasting do) and it is definitely an inspiration. Thanks!


Exceptional show. Thank you, they just keep getting better. You present as noble, honourable and thoughtful man. My heroes are the armed warriors fighting our eternal enemy and making the ultimate sacrifice. The word warrior is hugely misused today.

Good Dictator

I also listened to other interviews they did previously, and I found this one particularly interesting (starting at 12:15): I was SO surprised, really! NOT! The only tribe that was never integrated and had a mafia culture and constituted a constant problem in Libya was the Misrata Tribe, who converted (rather they pretended to convert) from… mmm… you guessed it: judaism! They aren’t even really a tribe, except for being part of the larger (((tribe))). “They were such an organized gangster association…”. I understand that James and Joanne need to get their message out and sometimes they are cautious about stressing this aspect, but basically Libya was a paradise on earth, except for these trouble makers! And the international Jews used their fellow tribesmen… Read more »

Circus Maximus

I know. I messed up by not bringing this topic up. I was aware of this Jewish element but because of the network issues we were having, my thoughts were not as organized as they could have been. Even my friend who helped me establish contact with the Moriartys said I should have brought this topic up. I intend on inviting them back on again. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It’s a huge element of why many nations in the world implode within.

Good Dictator

It would’ve made your show perfect, but it was great all the same! I can’t wait to hear you interview Rebekah Roth, I listened to a few interviews of hers and she seems pretty interesting.

Richard Raymond

I read on the internet that Momar Khadafi may still be alive, a double used to stand in for him when he was executed, what has anyone heard?


Hey richard, Napolean is still alive and is going to again save the franch people, I read it on the internet, man

Silly Gent Citizen

Oh my! I read on the internets that Elvis hired a double to choke on a hamburger & die for him so he could escape the jews who were controlling the music industry! There is some pretty convincing evidence if you search long enough online! Apparently he went under deep cover – grew his hair long, grew a beard, wears dark suits and a big hat and runs a little bagel shop deep in New York’s jewish quarter somewhere where nobody would suspect he’d be. They say that one day soon he will reveal all and come back to save Rock ‘n’ Roll from all this pop & rap & crap debauchery the jews have cursed us with! All hail the King! Illuminati confirmed!