Circus Maximus: Mark Dankof – Dissecting the Zionist Mind (10-28-16)


In the 1st hour, Nick speaks with Mark Dankof about his past life experiences and run ins with nefarious characters like Howard Phillips & Lee Atwater (Lobbyist for Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly). We discuss an article by Jonas E. Alexis. Why its important to be aware of Honey Pots & controlled opposition NGOs of the Right Wing Dialectic such as the Council for National Policy.

In the 2nd hour, we discuss some of the power players behind the CNP, how many of the CNP members were also involved with the Project for a New American Century, Michael Collins Piper’s article: Who Towers Behind Donald Trump & the Roy Cohn Connection, Dominionism, Christian Zionism, Noahide Laws, Greater Israel. We take a few callers and Putin is brought up by Chris Dorsey & Shawn from Cali.

Here are the two articles that ignited my desire to want to originally have Mark Dankof on my show when I was researching Roy Cohn, Roger Stone & Donald Trump’s other associations:

1: My 3 Phone Calls in the Night from Lee Atwater
2: Mark Dankof to Howard Phillips: A Violation of the 8th Commandment Requires a Public Apology

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Overall excellent show Nick. For being a Christian and knowing his background Dankof did as well as expected. Would have liked to of seen questions on Duke and Buchanan. Chris and Dankof having an expanded deate would have been interesting. Its only 2 hours, so only so much you can fit in. On Chris’s audio: There is a segment of people that will critcise Putin for the wrong reasons. Putin is evil and not to be trusted but criticize him for the right reasons, not Neo Con talking points. Chris is correct on his point on BIS. Overall I don’t think Dankof is evil or a shill. He has two failing points Christianity and being soft on Trump. I’ll give him credit for saying he… Read more »

You pretty much summed it up for me and saved me a lot of writing Arabs. I don’t see Dankof as evil. Naive in some respects but not deliberate in trying to bring us down or anything like that.

My last paragraph, I was informed I mis spoke. I aplogize for that.

Great to be with all of you last evening. The Barnes Review, the flagship journal of the anti-NWO, anti-Zionist Old Right, has published a great deal on Vladimir Putin. Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson’s additions on this ongoing conversation may be accessed online in some cases. See Mark

It was an excellent 2 hours Mark. I hope you like the detailed description for the show and the various links included. There’s a huge amount of information associated with the links mentioned that people can learn a great deal from to understand what Hillary Cankles Clinton has deemed a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Putin is an interesting character and it would take hours discussing him and Russian politics. There are many aspects of why Putin is respected and we at Renegade get that but like with what we discussed on this show about Honey Pots and deception, there are many questions to ask. i.e. Chris mentioning how Putin was named 2015 Israel’s Man of the Year. How I brought up Putin’s struggle to keep… Read more »
I think Putin is a Russian patriot and Americans coming from a European mindset culture and ethnic background forget or are clueless that half of Russia straddles Asiatic people’s as well. A leader of such a nation has not the luxury of playing the fool unless he wants to play Stalin 2. The U.S. On the other hand is being forced into a position of mixed race Balkanization states to be broken into bits. But first the have to force foreign troops/peoples/cultures. Spartacus showed Rome to keep mixed slave populations fighting amongst themselves and break up family’s tribes and peoples so no unification can occurs. This apples to religion as well. A trillion and one versions of “pagen” with zero meaningful foundations to build on.

Learned a lot. USA is dead.

Corporate fictions have never been “alive”. But the rules and ideas behind the government have been perverted and modified for a long long time. Subverters have treated non-whites as citizens even though a nation is a race and only subverted structures nations act otherwise. There is no reason why whites can’t attempt to implement new governing structures for their own benefit and as a mechanism for empowerment. This is no different than the Greek golden dawn. Rather than focus on some thing non-productive such as an idea becoming dead in your mind you can focus on what you personally can do to recreate and improve upon that thing. Think of the Phoenix. One thing ends, the opportunity for something new presents itself.

That’s a big problem as “we” let our enemies define “us” and then react to there childish games. There is no “ideology” behind “the right” but reactions to the “left”. It’s a closed loop and they are more then happy to have lost movements play on the soundboard stage. No one can speak for men but as a man with vision and substance you can attract others. “They suck” is old hat everyone knows “they” do. I see zero vision past some gobbledygook “separation”. Well hell the Jews wanted that all along to conquer such a vast homogeneous white Christan nation. We kill ourselves for them. They carpet bag the bits and laugh how easy and quick we forgot our past and what worked.

They use it against ALL non-jewish nations. Christian or not. The Chinese, Japanese, pagan Europe, etc. The homogeneity is the thing they are concerned with shattering, and they do it because most people are gullible and don’t realize organized psychopathic criminals, named jews, exist.

Who else is sick and tired of the using of “Zionist” as epithet? Only beta faggots and disinfo agents cling to it. Even sheeple can grasp that you’re a hypocrite for wanting your own jew-free white nation while being against Jews living amongst themselves. The white nationalist talking point should be that we don’t care if Jews have their own country, we just don’t want to be tricked into paying for it. You may think you can win over Marxists by saying “muh poor palestinians”, but they are fully committed anti-Zionists only because they think Jews are White and view Israel as a white racist country. Idk about you, but I’d much rather have Jews living in that sandbox surrounded by walls than living anywhere… Read more »

“Trump has been saying some things in this campaign that indicates that he’s less comfortable with the neoconservative and Zionist position in foreign policy than historically his record would indicate,” Dankof told Press TV on Saturday.

37 min in Dankoff calls those critical of Putin idiots ,mentally ill, or Jewish paid. He denies this in the interview on Nick’s show.

Maybe Ronnie is talking about Jews being an alien threat