Circus Maximus: The Mask of Zion (5-27-16)


Nick has Jonathan Azaziah on the show to discuss more about how Latin America has been a template/blueprint for the rest of the world in hour 1, going into more depth about United Fruit Co. in Guatemala, CIA and ISrael, and then they get more into the conflict in the Middle East.

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Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Thanks Nick and great info from your guest. All jews need to be shipped to two-state Palastine and put under ‘country arrest!’ No travel or commerse.
As long as we keep handing OUR ‘hard won’ power over to elitists ( like Mrs Lake endorses ) – they will keep slipping the back door key to the parasites!

multi task
8 years ago

Please correct your issue going into a break whereby your guest is still speaking but your music overrides what is being said. This makes them IMPOSSIBLE to hear. It’s not very respectful to your guest and certainly not to your listeners either when your sound management is inefficient.

8 years ago

Fantastic show. Love Azaziah.

8 years ago

Thank you Circus, your radio shows just keep getting better and better. I hope to hear Jonathon again on your show discussing the current pope. I would like to see this man as an imam or the Shia equivalent to overturn the Islamic leaders in all nations backed by intelligence agencies. However that would undoubtedly be detrimental to his long term health and survival. I encourage all renegades to read his writings with an open mind leaving their judaic indoctrination in the dustbin where it belongs.

8 years ago

A truly great show. Thanks to you and your guest. Informative and very believable.

8 years ago

These are precisely the kind of collaborations that we need to see more of. There is an element who don’t want to ally with any one outside of whites. That element is represented by either controlled opposition, who need us to stay divided and fighting, JUST as the guest described; or the other element are ignorant whites who have failed to contemplate strategy and tactics. The jews see the situation as jews vs. non-jews, and they’ve managed the situation so well that they’ve turned it primarily into non-jews vs. non-jews, and they control all angles on either side. So we must see it as non-jews vs. jews. And we keep the simple and in tact structures of race, nation, sexes, etc. in place. We also… Read more »

8 years ago

YES I was going to say that the whole dual 2 party schema is a jew construct intended to pollute national affairs with the left. In fact I would go so far as to say that the whole 2 party concept is to enable the injection of leftist marxism hence jew element into a countries political and governmental level. Why? because why would you need any sort of top level division if you had a government that was interested in the will of the people. The dualistic schism is a device intended to make room for leftist kikery to find a foothold. Awesome show and excellent guest!!!

8 years ago

We, in Northen Europe, need so much these kind of discussions. The average white up here blames Arabs and Muslims for today’s ailments and this drives us into racial wars against each other, in Europe. We need millions to understand that we share the same principal enemy. Thanks.

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