Circus Maximus: Nathan Stolpman – Lifting the Veil on Alt Media Actors (6-21-17)

Nick talks to Nathan Stolpman from Lift the Veil about his involvement with and analysis of many of the characters surrounding the PizzaGate conspiracy as it developed, how certain narratives are pushed and youtubers are recruited, the unfolding saga of George Webb and Dave Acton, how this is being done to shut down real dissent, and much more.


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David Marshal

“Lift the Veil” is a Jew, actor and he describes himself in his videos as being some kind of schizophrenic. While he may drop some truths here and there, he often just pulls shit out his ass and declares it to be the gospel. One example is how he claims Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.

He is not the person who created that theory, though. Your comment sounds like you are attributing it to him.


Nathan Stolpman; if I have ever heard a jewish name….


nathan stolpman and david seaman (jewish) are they brothers? look at them


When in Feb/March (?), Stolpman, JeffC, & Titus Frost (< main 3) rolled out their "Destroy David Seaman" campaign, I was sort of disgusted with them, as it appeared their real intent was getting a piece of Seaman's ~150K YT sub's, via attacking him… and meanwhile hurting the PG Truth movement. The only "merit" their campaign really had, was criticizing how Seaman mixed his PG vids, with pitches for opening an account with that AU-based paper gold company… which Seaman didn't disclose, he made a commission on. He should've kept those two messages in separate vids appropriately titled, instead of mixing them in the same vids. Seaman quickly remedied that "sin" in the wake of the attack campaign on him. The attackers' other main criticism… Read more »


Ok I need to give my 10ct on this one: Why do I see Circus Maximus in the chat at FreeRadioRevolution (who has exposed Lift the Veil), and then invite not FreeRadioRevolution on the show but Lift the Veil?? Ok I know, FreeRadioRevolution is also questionable according to Renegade, but based on what we know (or at least I know) about Lift the Veil: Do you want to destroy your reputation Renegade? The deeper context for me is: Renegade is generally open to the Flat Earth premise; Lift the Veil is open to not only that, but also the Mandela Effect and other shit; FreeRadioRevolution considers everyone who believes the earth is flat a fraud. All three are calling out the Jew (or is Nathan?).… Read more »


P*Gate researcher/Vlogger “The HoneyBee” (Mellisa Z.) who’s one of the goodies who was fraudulently targeted by (((Nathan))) as being an agent, did a 1 hr show today with a very small time vlogger named Spike Timmons, where Nate’s recent self-publicity antics were discussed.

Nathan was “called out” to call into their 11am PT livestream some ~7 hrs earlier, but of course he didn’t. That 3 min call-out vid is in the above channel too.

Plz consider having HoneyBee/Mellisa on a show here, she’s top notch.




Great clip – if only it were real! Just had myself a little cry wishing it were. I can only imagine being in the presence of someone so respected, so loved and adored, so admirable, courageous, and needed … I hope that actwhore got some sense talked into him from his devoted fans..


Very disturbing I have to say though that pizzagate was referred to as a psyop. Did zog emperor trump use it to his advantage? Sure he did but that in no way invalidates the disturbing facts we now know thanks to terrific documentaries such as Renegade’s. I have to question anyone’s sincerity and motives, even hosts, who downplay this.


George Webb and Dave Acton are CIA/NSA intelligence contractors. This has already been proven by George Webb’s work history and career certifications.

Nathan Stolpman is Jewish and also likely a CIA/NSA intelligence contractor as well. The same applies to David Seaman and nearly every other Jewish conspiracy theory nonsense click-bait artist on YouTube.


Anonymoous – you forget to mention that George WEBB is also Jewish, as he tells us himself. He weaves the term ‘Nazis’ into his narratives, naturally.


I keep getting to 28.xx mins, and the stream goes kaput! Seaman put up a vid around Christmas, titled something like “Obama Throws Israel Under The Bus”; and in it, he recited all the worn out “zionist” talking points. Then people were throwing the J/Z-bomb at him, and more than once he claimed he didn’t even know what a zionist is?! And he has since deleted that “…Bus” video. RE Renegade’s upcoming part 2 of your P*Gate docu; plz consider a segment on CIA’s 1980s invention, “False Memory Syndrome.” I was teen/20s then, and remember well the sudden & coordinated media “public education campaign” accompanying the rollout; with news segments, pretend “experts” being on multiple talk shows, etc. I recall being really struck by this… Read more »


BTW I reloaded this page, and started the stream where it kept stopping before, and it’s playing fine now. 🙂


The book titled, Rocking the Cradle of Sexual Politics, written by louise Armstrong, begins with the coordinated rollout of fms as well as mpd and a host of other efforts to conceal THE scandal. I highly recommend this book for all truth searchers.


Please be a bit more verbose on this one. It sounds like it might be interesting, but I can’t figure out the fms, mpd, “other efforts”, “the scandal”. Maybe I’m sleepy, but I can’t figure out any of those references.


Fms=False memory syndrome, mpd= multiple personality disorder. other efforts include the creations of parental alienation, equal culpability and men’s rights organizations, et cetera. As well as the media spectacle of satanic child sex abuse rings. THE scandal being incest. What did men in america say and do when their daughters and sons told on them for raping and molesting them and their wives tried to protect their children from being further sexually abused? Well, it certainly wasn’t good for women and children, but it sure as hell has been most lucrative for jews/sewage everywhere.


In fact, one of the “accomplishments” noted in the book, that resulted from this diabolical kink spectacle at the expense of women and children, the back-lash against women who dare speak of men’s sexual perversions and in-home abuses of women and children, was the ability to control The mAsses with “noise”, which, interestingly happens to be Zion reversed.


thx; I didn’t get any of your acronyms either, and wondered why you posted it in reply to my comment?! Anyways sounds intreresting; here’s amazon with 6 customer reviews,


Good to hear from you Nick. O Dave Acton…Dave acting…where hast thy gone? Is Sweigert your name, or perchance is a much closer to home alias now thy game? In any event, continue to impersonate and give us a show; with apple in mouth and face hidden, the unsuspecting shall not know 🙂


is nick back?


Anyone know how to contact Renegade via email?

Killer of Trolls

Pizza Gate is not a pay op. Jews are behind it. Obama is a faggot and Michael is a tranny. America is the new Sodom and Israel is Gomorrah.

Foster XL

Mommy just lifted your internet ban again?

Killer of Trolls

What was the point of this show? Everything is a psy op and everyone is false opposition. Fucking stupid FUCK YOU!

Foster XL

You spelled your name wrong. Should be “Bitchboy of the Trolls”. Did George/Dave pay you to come in off the street & blow him or something? Or are you just a lonely keyboard warrior beating off in his bedroom typing “FUCK YOU!” on the internet to month-old shows because it “feels” tough?


Agent Anglin is that you? LOL Yes, PsyOps exist. Yes, Controlling Opposition exists. Both are far more prevalent than a simple minded idiot would believe. These things are fairly easy to identify. The only question is what the fate of paid agents and provocateurs will be. What goes around – comes around….