Circus Maximus: Scott Rickard – American Likudnik Inauguration Day (1-20-17)

Nick Spero speaks with former intelligence linguist Scott Rickard, who frequently appears on PressTV and RT, for a discussion about the new president of the United States and his many connections to NGOs, think tanks, the deep state, and the state of Israel. While many people are celebrating, Nick and Scott take a much more sober approach.

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Excellent article via Aryan Skynet on Mike Enoch and the Right Stuff being Russian intel, FBI honeypot and Israeli Security.

“The Right Stuff has spent the entirety of the past four years serving up piping-hot reactionary narratives all of which just so happen to serve the geostrategic agenda of the architects of Russian foreign policy by carrying out Active Measures, American domestic honeypot agenda of the FBI, and the Israeli security agenda. [TRS: “Keyboard Humanitarians Hate (((Our Greatest Ally))) For Winning].”

See both articles:



Kyle Hunt and Crew proven correct, again.

Really sorry to hear about your brother Nick. My brother was also killed in a “drug” related event when he was in Times Square during the day and was approached and told to hand over his wallet by someone needing money for “drugs.” He complied and was then stabbed through the heart. The scumbag was never caught. These tragic events, when analyzed beyond the surface, further highlight the fact that this criminal war on “drugs” is a sham and a scam designed solely to enrich the trash that lord over the masses at the expense of the latter. In a world of prohibition (like alcohol) the user has no idea what he’s consuming, its makeup or the potency which varies (i.e. Wood alcohol). In a… Read more »

Thank you for your kind words and I am sorry to hear about your loss as well 🙁

Appreciate it my friend

My god, I saw T-Rumps election ceremony/television levi-a-thon. Some disgusting nightmare creature rabbi came up to fart on about some zion crap.

lol. I deliberatelhy got busy away from C-Span when he was announced and started forward to the mic. Judaism is bad; Hitler is good. Btw, I noticed later when Christian prayers were being said and all other heads were bowed, the rabbi’s most noticeiably was not.

In Aug., when he appeared on the Richie Allen Show, Rickard stated that he was slated to represent his state, Virginia, as a Republican delegate to the Electoral College, and that none of the Republican delegation planned to vote for Trump even if he won their state.

Rickard lives in the Tampa Bay area in Florida

Thanks. I did relisten to the Richie Allen interview of him, which actually was in February, and posted on 2/11 on youtube, and yes, Scott said that he was a Republican delegate in Florida, and that no one in his Republican delegation planned to vote for Trump “because of his racist campaign.” He was talking about the primary, not the electoral college. Sorry, it had been almost a year ago since I first heard him talk about this.

Quick Comment/Question. The Fentanyl currently being sold on the street as “Heroin” is a synthetic opiate. It requires NO OPIUM to manufacture. It is currently being manufactured in the US by private corporations licensed through government. Why would they need the Afghan opium fields when they are not needed? It doesnt make any sense?

Hey Eric. Not sure I know the answer exactly but from my understanding the term “synthetic” opiate such as Fentanyl, Demerol, etc. is kind of relative in that opiate alkaloids (Thebaine I think) are still needed in its synthesis. Not completely sure though because I know the “semi-synthetics” such as hydro and oxycodone are also synthesized from Thebaine which is one of the natural substances found in opium along with morphine and codeine. It might relate to how much processessing (such as adding or subtracting methyl groups) needs to occur for each specific class. Good question. If you find out post it.

True. Fentanyl does not require the poppy plant. The other opiates mentioned on the show do require the synthesizing of the poppy i.e. morphine, oxycodone, codeine, heroin, etc.

Fentanyl is being added to heroin because its cheaper for dealers to purchase = more profit. Dealers are even selling pure Fentanyl instead of cutting it with heroin, which is why there has been a huge increase in over doses for the past few years. Much of it is coming from Asia/China.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Sorry to hear about your brother Nick. I know here in Western Pennsylvania the overdose deaths are reaching all time highs. Its pretty unbeleivable acutally. I never thought it would get this bad. Its definately being used as a form of eugenics/population control.
So, somehow this fentanyl is being manufactured in corporate and or government labs before its put on the street. I would say 90 to 95 percent of overdose deaths here are white suburban and mostly male. Its a war. We are at war.

I found this last night:

Eugenics is a “science” to improve one’s phenotype/genotype. Quite the opposite is occurring with this trend. Population reduction; agreed. Especially with Whites.

Great find. Although I do not recall any mention of fenanyl in the news. Then again I am not US, but still.

Fentanyl has led to many deaths in America & Canada the past few years.

Man up, Scott; investigate Pizzagate.

I wouldn’t say that he needs to man up. A lot of people do not want to put their focus into a world of vile, morbid, darkness; rightfully so.

Thank you for asking this Republican official to “look into” Pizzagate.

Interesting, although I’m not sure I’d trust Mr Rickard er, implicitly.

@NS, if you get a guest in future who comes up with the ‘we stole the land from the Native Americans’ jive (~11m disregarding intro music) then you can amplify your remonstrations by mentioning:

1) Kennewick Man
2) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (see discussion in Ben Klassen’s White Man’s Bible)
3) La Raza – they can be raycis’ so why shouldn’t we resist like for like?