Circus Maximus: Standards in the Struggle & Syria in the Spotlight (5-12-17)

For the first hour Nick speaks about many of the relevant issues within our struggle, including going through some good comments on a recent show, then he interviews Johnny Achi of Arab Americans for Syria, discussing the Western misconceptions of Bashar Al-Assad, the regime change agenda in Syria, the Greater Israel agenda, and more.

Link to the Sunday Wire radio show (played before Nick came on air)

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Syria being at the forefront of the world’s fight against the Zio empire (and its propaganda-rabied attack dogs: USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc), I cannot wait to be able to listen to this show. I am going to download it and listen to it at my leisure much later this evening. Nick is definitely one of my favourite hosts – so knowledgeable and, unlike some, with none of the prejudices against Islam (the Zio-Talmudics have managed to implant deeply into the minds of most of us) which seem be harboured by some of the other hosts or guests. Thanks so much for your great work, Nick!

The main point that I disagreed with Cynthia was thinking that we could fight from inside the swamp .. lol .. She seems to think that we can fix this system from inside .. from where I set .. it needs to be purged completely .. Good show Nick


Glad that Renegade is back up: seems an interesting web hosting service company – ‘we are dedicated to protecting your free speech and anonymity’. I am definitely going to check them out when I come back because we need more of such companies…


Maybe Zensurfrei even has a feature disallowing any comments from being posted with an IP address based in Israel. 😉


Nice hearing this guy. The more I hear about Syria and how it was before all this mess it just gets me angry at what has happened to that country.


Marwa Osman: possible guest to talk about Syria? Nick, should you do a show on Syria again, why not try to get Marwa Osman on. You mentioned Patrick Hennigsen: Marwa Osman has been on his show several times. Other suggestion (not for Syria): Gearóid Ó Colmáin.

According to Wikipedia, Al Assad’s name meaning “The Lion” was changed from Sulayman (Arabic for Solomon) in 1927. His Birthday is reported to be on September 11.
Funny how some Players have these Kek names (Biblical agents of Chaos), like Netanyahu means “A gift from Yahweh”.

Be faithful to your kind, spread good will to others.


Wikipedia: the most trusted source on the Internet [nice picture of its founder with Peres here:; there are also claims that Hitler had Rothschild blood and that he was a stooge for British-Zios (Makow based on Greg Hallett’s book _Hitler Was A British Agent_ (2005). Throughout history, one people in particular have been pretty good at spreading fake news, fake rumours and, more generally, using deceit, deception, duplicity etc as a means of furthering their messianic agenda. I let you guess who…


Please remove the square bracket at the end of the URL to display the page.




Re: Vanessa Beeley (as in guest of UK Column with (Jew?) ‘ponytail’ Patrick Henningsen / 20thcenturywire) and her UK presentations on her several fact-finding trips to Syria – handouts from her opposition for a fuller picture. Apparently there were some Syrians (physicians and others of some education) at her talks who disliked her message and basically said all foreigners including Russia and USA should gtf out of Syria and leave them to sort out their domestic affairs themselves.

This Assad guy is weird too. Heard him speaking, doesn’t sound celever and there is something off to his demenour. Then he is making masonic signs as all the other leaders amd jew puppets. He may be in it too. Another thing, they are showing us presumed bombardment over and over a part of Damascus already demolished. Haven’t seen any real combat. Again, something is off. North Korea doesn’t exist I hate to say it but I think the Jews have taken over the whole world and are playing with us as we hope there is somewhere some Assad that is not part of their agenda. One request to Kyle and others, could you please analyize and have your say on this channel… Read more »

Michael Luna

I tend to agree regarding North Korea and Syria… but those Hitler face “blends” with Israeli prime ministers are laughable.