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Aristocracy of Blood: Christmas Special (12-25-15)

Join the General for a Christmas special.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Aryan Imperialism (12-18-15)

Dive into various articles relating to history, politics, and philosophy with the General, and join us for discussion and debate about pertinent topics surrounding our current racial and spiritual struggle.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Fascist Friday (11-20-15)

Tonight I’ll be discussing the current trends and headlines in the news, stories pertaining to the cause you may have missed, shows on talmudvision, as well as some selected readings. In other words, your regular fascist Friday breakdown.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer (9-25-15)

Tonight we have Weev, international hacker extraordinaire

Disclaimer: Renegade management and other hosts on the network do not endorse the over-the-top rhetoric in this extremely inflammatory episode. If you have any concerns, please contact Weev directly. Just watch out for his...Read More »

Aristocracy of Blood: News and Jews (9-18-15)

news, jews, calls welcome, no guest tonight

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Aristocracy of Blood: The Western World (9-4-15)

We’ll discuss news and events, Donald Trump, and related issues that face the western world today

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Aristocracy of Blood: The Return (8-28-15)

Click here to listen

the General returns…. with a guest of Armenian descent to talk politics, history, aryan culture, and the struggle.

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Aristocracy of Blood: The Grand Vision (7-17-15)

Tonight’s edition of AoB I wil discuss/comment on my attendance at the Counter-Currents lunch-in which took place over the weekend in Manhattan; also, I will dive into some material I have accumulated over the last few weeks – it will...Read More »

Aristocracy of Blood: Subversion 101 (6-26-15)

Subversion explained by the General.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Headlines (6-19-15)

Tonight I will discuss some headlines in the news, especially the S. Carolina shooting; I have various articles to read, including one from the Tribune, some reactions to other posts, a couple of letters of correspondence from Oswald the Rabbit...Read More »

Aristocracy of Blood: Times & Tiger (6-12-15)

Tonight I’ll finish playing the final segment of my audio recording with Tiger-CT which I had intended to do last week, and then I’ll take a look at some articles and news items. Probably will take calls.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Persian Tiger (5-29-15)

Tonight I will have a pre-taped show spanning an hour and a half of a local Persian kid who is conscious of racial matters and more specifically, the conflict between the West and the ‘chosen people.’ We will talk about...Read More »

Aristocracy of Blood: Black Female & Oswald (5-15-15)

Tonight I will be speaking with a female, black sympathizer of white nationalism who I met at the NPI conference and who also attended the last American Rennaissance event.

Following this we will have Oswald the Rabbit: session II

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Aristocracy of Blood: Conversation with William (4-17-15)

My guest will come on to discuss his personal journey and spiritual quest of  awakening as racially conscious soldier of our cause – starting as a boy in the states and ending in South Africa, one of the hottest frontlines...Read More »

Aristocracy of Blood: Oswald the Rabbit (4-10-15)

Tonight, we have a Renegade exclusive interview with Oswald the Rabbit.  I’ll begin with some news and discussion, then play the hour + pre-taped conversation, following which we will open the lines to your calls and comments.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Down with Yahweh (3-27-15)

The General takes on the Jewish god..

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Aristocracy of Blood: State of Mind (3-13-15)

A short show tonight letting listeners into my current state of mind.

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Aristocracy of Blood: The General (3-6-15)

The General speaks.

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Renegade Roundtable: Dana Hosts (2-21-15)

terror satan hate module

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Aristocracy of Blood: Richard Spencer (2-20-15)

Dana interviews Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute.

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Aristocracy of Blood: Free Gary Yarbrough (2-13-15)

If things work out tonight we will have a couple of nationalists planning a free Gary Yarbrough rally and possibly Gary’s wife; plus whatever else i decide to get into

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Aristocracy of Blood: Mark Weber (1-27-15)

The return of Mark Weber, from the IHR (Institute of Historical Review)

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Aristocracy of Blood: The Nexus (1-23-15)

A look at The Nexus, A Journal of Modern Heresies, issue #17, august 1999

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Aristocracy of Blood: Keeping Up With the Times (1-16-15)

Keeping up with the times.

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