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“It is part of a great leader’s genius to make even widely separated adversaries appear as if they belonged to but one category, because among weakly and undecided characters the recognition of various enemies all too easily marks the beginning of doubt of one’s own rightness.” -The Great One I admire Mike Sledge’s passion and level of intellectualism, but there is something about the Mantra that he does not seem to be grasping. The Mantra is propaganda. The “rabbit” meme puts it into a format that is easier for the un-initiated, or newly initiated, to assimilate without being put off by cognitive dissonance, induced by years of anti-White indoctrination. Fifty percent of all people are below average intelligence. The Great One was a master of… Read more »


JoeNorthpal, as one hailing from North 11th Street I’m inclined to I love you guy, veteran of the ’67 nig riots as you are and all…and you have a lot of intelligent stuff to say along with a great deal of valuable experience to bring to bear, but…I’m still disappointed by your reaction to the Euro DNA Nation.. I mean, you only expressed indignation over the idea that our aging demographic might be of service. It is still a good and negotiable idea…but there is so much else there to develop besides! Anyway, what has me responding now is your characterization of Poland of the 20’s and 30’s as “a chauvinist nation which just wanted more and more land.” That’s not accurate. More like Goebbels… Read more »

Well Daniel, I understand the desire for historical boundaries, I look at things as anything that contributed to fratricidal wars as a mistake which includes our own revolutionary and civil wars. The law and mood of that time was the right of self determination of the peoples who occupied the land. In no way was any comment directed as a sleight , my respect for the “slavic” peoples is very high. They have for centuries been on the brunt of invasions and saved Europe, that included mongol, turkish invasions and occupations, but as a peoples never broke, never lost their heritage nor identity. Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Serbia ect. When my Nordic side of my family were forced to escape persecution in France, they found… Read more »


Northpal says:

“So please don’t ever take my frank discussion as an insult.”

It’s not about insult, Northpal, just wanting to set the historical record in clearer perspective and balance: in the era following WWI “more and more” (as opposed to retaking what had been their ancient lands) is not characteristic of what Polish nationalism was about in terms of territorial claims.

“just wanting to set the historical record in clearer perspective and balance” and I don’t want to fight past historical battles from armchairs while we have the fight of our existence right before us. I would rather we commit all our energies here and now, to secure the future of our children.

There is an old proverb that states, a man’s eyes should be torn out, if he can only see the past.


I agree one hundred percent, but you’ve got guys around here sorry, but its true) who can’t stop idolizing Hitler and co.


More an more I think William Pierce may deserve large blame for that. And though I still think those who’ve come of age with the Internet have a huge advantage, more and more I come to believe that maybe those who’ve come of age with the Internet are not advantaged in all ways. Not in terms of making for deeply informed proponents of theory which has been tested experientially and broadly I.e. They’ve had some things “figured out” for them in a highly satisfied way by the likes of Pierce – i.e., he does explain many things very well – and they become experts before their time; such that these ideas have not been forced to face the brunt of reality, correctly opposing views and… Read more »


The chances of making absurd claims (paradoxic, even) such as “we can’t let little things divide White Nationalism, we’ve all got to stand behind Hitler” would stand less chance of avoiding correction if having come through experiential means and a broader survey of history. One thing which is cause for optimism, however, is that there is frequently a concomitant claim to be pursuing truth among those making such claims. May they keep pursuing truth so that they can find that they are not sufficiently there yet. Having said that, the Internet, new Gutenberg revolution as it is, fantastic, is a good that far, far outweighs the bad. And I have always been ready to move beyond WWII; the bottom line is nobody today needs to… Read more »


“nobody today needs to feel guilty about anything then, true, false or between”

Correction: No WN who advocates WN separatism, who names, excludes and cites Jewish influence and power, needs to feel guilty about WWII