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OMG,i realy hope renegade doesnt not get involved in these hoaxes!
Even if they are right ,people that are new will not accept these theories that easy!
Please stay focused about things you do the best,unmasking WHITE geNOcide and the only conspiracy that makes sence(JEWS).
These people can go to september clues,fakeologist and other sites,i hope you dont asociate your network with simon shak,halbnig,sophia smallstorm and others that belive in holohoax and never mention jews and that claim that nukes are not real and how everything is fake!
Dont get me wrong please,i just think that these theories made by some youtubers are not good to asociate with while you deal with real proven conspiracy!

Tom in CT

I strongly disagree. In fact, I enjoy upsetting people like you. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. You think you’re gong to censor me? I have a much better chance of censoring YOU. I laid out how we KNOW that Sandy Hook was a fraud. There is a lot that I didn’t discuss yet. For example, the strange CT Lotto winners connected to the Sandy Hookers: “John Q. Doe” wins scratch tickets as follows: 6/12/2010 100,000 7/13/2011 20,000 3/12/12 60,000 “John Q Doe” dies in 2013. (I’m not saying his death is connected. I’m just stating facts.) OR…….. 100k 8 days apart. 6/2/12 “Janie Smith” of Certaintown, CT wins 100,000 6/10/12 “Janie Smith” of Certaintown, CT wins 100,000 There are several of these.… Read more »

That’s a nice wall of text you have there Tom, yet somehow you still didn’t answer the man’s concerns. Why do you enjoy upsetting your fellow Pro-Whites? Why is this an important issue to talk about when you could be talking about how to prevent our genocide? I want to see evidence that the masses care more about these kinds of events than they do about their own safety, health, and families. At least tell us that you have brought people on board to the truth about Jews through addressing this event. And our enemies are Jews, not ‘dual-citizens.’ Not all Jews are dual-citizens, and not all dual-citizens Jews. And your starting out your show acknowledging the Jew and then fully switching over to the… Read more »

Nick Dean

“On December 14th, 2012 we were told by dual-citizens …”

It’s a very minor thing given the many points you make in that post, but what dual citizens? Surely most of the press-whores who covered Sandy Hook were plain American? I’d hate to see ‘dual citizen’ become euphemism for Jew.

Same, but it goes a bit further than that. Should Americans or Europeans who are dual-citizens feel like they are the enemy? There are a few in this movement who have moved to different ‘powder keg’ regions in Europe so that they can be there when things break out. Hell, Varg Vikernes is a dual-citizen. Are we to start implying that Varg is anything like the kikes? Tom is alienating a number of pro-whites by using this term as well as he is misrepresenting who the enemies really are. I can’t even hazard a guess as to why he chose this term, but as Payday Monsanto says below ‘Keep talking about the Jews.’ The impression I got from this show(and Tom’s other shows) was that… Read more »


Of course Roberts is a shill. He always pushes the idea that everyone should reveal their identity and post on the internet with a real name.

If your intention is not to become small time internet celeb, i don’t see any reason why you should do that, especially in time of hate speech laws, etc.

If you do not understand the use of media as a long time PSYOP instrument, you are still under it’s influence. 99% of the population’s world view is shaped by the media. It is another war front that must be discredited and neutralized by shutting it off. When a country is taken over, what is the first thing seized ?

payday monsanto

WOW … “KEEP TALKIN’ BOUT JEWS!” I actually jotted that down as a reminder to selfin my notebook a few mos ago to do a remake of that. Fuck anyone telling you what you should talk about dude.

Tom in CT

THEORY 1: OFFICIAL NARRATIVE ‘TRUE’ AND: 1. Lanza is one of the most efficient mass murderers in his generation: • Apparently anyone, simply by virtue of handling a firearm is instantly highly skilled with that firearm without training, • A parallel concept is that a without a drivers license Lanza could be expected to jump into an Indy Car and be competitive at the Indy 500. Sure. • This leads to the conclusion that all of those expensive firearms courses at training facilities such a Gunsite and FrontSight are a colossal waste of money. The 223 Carbine Course at Gunsite runs 5 days at a cost of $1539.00 http://www.gunsite.com/main/course-offerings/carbine/223-carbine/ The 2-day Practical Rifle Course at FrontSight Academy is $1000.00 http://www.frontsight.com/courses/practical-rifle-training.asp • Someone should probably write… Read more »

Tom in CT

THEORY 2: OFFICIAL NARRATIVE ‘FALSE’ AND: 1. The civilian disarmament agenda can benefit greatly from Denial and Deception campaigns involving school shooting scenarios with child victims. • Political operatives had motive • Political operatives had means • Political operatives had opportunity • Political operatives had required expertise • Political operatives had required personnel security 2. Government was willing to use Denial and Deception measures against its own citizens to further political objectives. 3. Furthermore, the government has hidden the operation well: • They passed laws stopping public access to information hiding information and evidence of a drill presented as a live event to further the civilian disarmament agenda, • They passed laws charging money for any information request to any State Agency especially relative to… Read more »

Tom in CT

It is our assertion that the official Sandy Hook narrative is false and that we require a new, independent investigation. However, in the mean time – under no circumstances should you allow any more civilian disarmament type legislation be enacted anywhere – under any circumstances. In the meantime, we all must work together to overturn the recent Connecticut legislation and the recent New York legislation that was enacted on the back of the emotional response to the Sandy Hook lie. In the meantime, we must all work together to spread the word about this fraud. Explain how you know. Describe the analysis procedure you used. Educate your friends, you family and everyone you know who wants to be free. We have already proven to you… Read more »

Tom in CT

The Official Narrative of the Sandy Hook Fraud is PROVEN to be FALSE. Linking an “everything is fake” meme along with other unsupportable ideas to PROVEN and RATIONAL criticism os the “Official Sandy Hook Lie” is a tactic that only aids the perpetrators of the Sandy Hook Lie. Note that I only discussed the Sandy Hookers in my presentation. I explained one of the Structured Methods of analysis we used to dissect Sandy Hook. I did not link that concept to anything other that a factual analysis. My presentation was not aimed at stupid people who are swayed by bullshit. My presentation was intended for highly intelligent people who may have been too busy to keep up with the lurid details surrounding that government operations.… Read more »

Great show Tom. I think it is very important to discuss this obvious hoax that is being used to strip away our rights. If people aren’t ready t hear this, then don’t listen.



Serb respectfully gave constructive critisism and his opinion on this conspiracy theory and was in no way alluding for you to get cencored but you found it necessary to threathen cencorship on him.

I personally agree with Serb’s comment and I don’t think it’s constructive to make a skit about Deanna Spingola giving 5 dollar bj’s or something silly. Not really classy Aryan behavior, I’d say.


I’d love to see you say FU to Serb’s face.

Tom in CT

I would certainly say that to anyones face. Yours included.

You are simply wrong if you agree with “serb”.

Simple as that.


Tom said:

”I would certainly say that to anyones face. Yours included.”

I’m sure you would. I just think it’s a bit weak to type it, especially when it’s totally uncalled for, imo.

”You are simply wrong if you agree with “serb”.

Simple as that.”

That’s possible, I just see it different.

Tom in CT

I’ve got a great idea for you “Pas”… how about starting your own network somewhere – or go join spognola where you can tell everyone that the Sandy Hook Lie was true.

Your type of bullshit is pathetic. You think you’re a tough guy – do you?

I see you haven’t refuted the FACTS I laid out.



Did you start THIS network mr Tom??
Or are you hijacking it with your fakery!??


Tom said: ” how about starting your own network somewhere” – Does everyone who does not entirely agree with you have to start their own network?I wish I had the skills and the time but I haven’t. I really like Renegade, just not your SH theory. ”or go join spognola where you can tell everyone that the Sandy Hook Lie was true.” – ”spognola”? Very honorable, indeed. Oh, and to be clear I don’t profess to know what happened at SH and I think it’s pretty obvious that Renegade listeners do not blindly buy into MSM reporting. I just also don’t buy your theory and especially not others who push this.(Halbnig, Smallstorm etc.) ”Your type of bullshit is pathetic. You think you’re a tough guy… Read more »


That about blow job is a clear nigger behaviour,or TNB!
Just look how he is going crazy about this!
Slandering people for their views and posting 6 ZILLION links to prove something to someone who doesnt care about it!


Well Tom sinds you started i will answer and you may BLOCK me from Renegade! I did not censor,nor personaly attack you,i just posted my view! I DONT CARE ABOUT SANDY HOOK THEORIES,unlike you who thinks that is the most important thing there is!!I do not belive HALBNIG,SHAK,SOPHIA nor fakeologist A SINGLE WORD,nor the fake firefighters,smoke machines,no nukes,nobody died and millions of crisis actors wich constantly act and keep their mouths shut! This topic ,even if its true ,only HURTS real topics like JWO,holohoax and white geNOcide! Our enemies will use these crazy theories to dismis all other REAL things renegade is covering! Like always you obsessed cult hoaxers start bombarding people with 6 MILLION LINKS,wich are valid as the youtube videos people post abouth… Read more »

Tom in CT

I will only say this once.

Should you want to threaten me – please be sure to make it a “credible threat”.

Then – I assure you – you will get a chance to meet me fact-to-face.

This, I promise.


This show was about the Sandy Hook LIE.

It also touched on the fact that some people are supporting that lie in the alternate media.

I made no threats against anyone.


LOL,silly mr Tom very silly!


Pretty epic chimpout eh Serb? But Sinead is right, if you don’t want to listen to nonsense then turn off the feed. That is pretty much what I did. Got a bunch of house chores done and came back when it was over.


I just stated my point of view!
Answer could be about, why it is good for renegade,or why it isnt good for renegade!
That easy,not 6 xillion links and posts and name callings and over reacting fanaticaly ,worse then religious fanatics!And that is the SH syndrome!Kind a like Jehowas Witnesses,only agresive!Soon they will start going from door to door!I will probably be acused of being a shill,paid operative,crisis actor,jew ,afther this posted comment!
People mostly expose them self!
I will never comment anything about SH here again!

“ASK THEM ABOUT HOLOHOAX AND JEWS” – there you go, not only millions of lying actors, but governments and military too. Do you honestly think the manipulation started and stopped there ??????????????????????????????


What millions of actors? You have hundreds of falsely accused Germans who are legally prohibited from saying that the charges against them are false, you have a few psyops teams, and you have, what, a few dozen Jews who claim to have personally witnessed extermination operations? Let me preempt you, yes, countless claim to know without stating how they know, or they claim to have seen the “lampshades and soap,” or they say their barracks-mates were gassed (somehow they know ths when they make no claim to have ever seen a gas chamber),or similar things. Yeah, and do you know how many people claim to have seen the first plane hit the WTC live on TV? Millions of people don’t engage in a conspiracy. They… Read more »

The ‘conspiracy shell game’ is alive and thriving at Renegade.


Another ‘Paradise Lost’.



That is sort of a cheap shot Bob. I didn’t care for the show either, but the show Tom did a week earlier was awesome. So it is one half dozen or another. We’re not all going to agree on everything. Yes, I do agree that SH conspiracy stuff is a complete waste of time to even go on about.

But if you don’t like something, just don’t listen to it. That was what I was trying to impart to Serb. We’re all adults here. Capable of taking in what we assess through critical thinking as purposeful for our greater cause and that which is nonsense.

Critical Thinking. That is the key.

Cheap? … Truth is free!

Boob in AC

Unfortunately so are carelessly flung around accusations, shit-talk & lies. On at least one occasion I have heard you take things back & admit you were wrong on air, and I don’t listen to a whole load of shows, so you’re certainly not infallible or someone whose opinion I trust or value :/

So yeah… it WAS a cheap shot…


I seen it coming as they started to buddy up with John Friend


I didn’t really care for Friend either initially. Especially with his support for these CI adherents. But again, he does some great work also. His recent interview of Gilad Atzmon is a good example of that. You just have to learn how to pick and chose what you want to listen to.

Douglas Fredrick

Conspiracies are not the exception, but rather the rule. The double-entendre is intentional. Tom’s analytics has transmuted the dark art of alchemy into a science. Can you find Tom’s error? If not, your impugning allusion is the shell, and Tom wins the round. Frankly, I found SH preposterously obvious, as did many others.


Thought this was a great show.


I just wanted to pass along a couple of other items that challenge the official narrative around Sandy Hook. First, there are NO permits for weapons or guns in Nancy Lanza’s name, says TIME magazine. In the video below, at 57 sec mark, he has a screen shot from TIME magazine, saying that in a public records search, they could find no firearms or weapons permits under Nancy Lanza’s name: No Gun Permit Under Nancy Lanza’s Name in Public Records, Says TIME magazine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2CJVaYHqBw video description: Published on Jan 11, 2013- So gun permit records are public knowledge, and major news outlets are unable to find any for Nancy Lanza. Not even for the AR-15 rifle? The police are saying that those guns were registered… Read more »


Here’s an excellent thread on how Spingola flipped and is now aggressively promoting the JEWISH narrative on Sandy Hook. This goes over all the jewey tactics she’s been using:

http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?75243-Spingola-Jumps-Shark-Supports-Zion-gov-s-Official-Sandy-Hook-Story/page6 (post 54 is especially good)

It’s my understanding that Spingola flipped on Sandy Hook after reading MCP’s new book, which is really quite pathetic, given the fact that MCP proved in the debate that he knows absolutely NOTHING about the facts and evidence involved in Sandy Hook. And that jewey appeal to emotion by crying during her show was a new low for her.



Also, since one of the comments above mentioned Fetzer, here are a few things people don’t seem to know about him: 1- He’s done a number of shows on the holohoax and definitely calls it a HOAX 2- He’s repeatedly given a shout out to ZCF’s work on his radio show, by telling listeners to do a search for “Israel did 911 All the Proof in the World” 3- Last November he hosted a conference on JFK’s assassination and included Israel as one of the sponsors of the assassination and encouraged people to look into MCP’s book Final Judgment. I highly doubt any other JFK conference will ever do what Fetzer did. 4- He arranged the 911 Vancouver Conference and forced the topic of Israel’s… Read more »


Tom, could you comment on the reporter who said the school nurse told her Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook elementary? It turns out Adam Lanza’s mother was not employed at Sandy Hook yet this alleged witness told the reporter that she knew Nancy and that “she was just a kind of person you’d want watching your children” or something to that affect.


Sandy Hook seems like it was a tiny little Jew haven so the hoax would have been quite easy since they are all liars however they are bad actors!


Deanna Spignola is a disgusting c*nt. How many shows did that pig devote to supporting that lie? 12?

What a disgusting skank.



hey Pat, will you calm the fuck down man, seriously. you’re a piece of shit to react so violently to an old lady giving her opinion on an event NOBODY can say with absolute sureness what actually transpired – you know why? CAUSE YOU WEREN’T THERE! i don’t know what people think the guvment got out of an “operation” like that, if indeed thats what it was as opposed to the much more sane, obvious, and rational explanation – that a sick, mentally deranged youth with access to an arsenal of weapons flipped his shit. as if something like that NEVER happens in america today? last i checked we still have legal firearms, and if anything, the 2nd amendment lobby has GAINED, not lost, from… Read more »

patience is a a noble Aryan virtue – not “Spingola is a fucking cunt” – you are so spiritually immature like so much of the white nationalist movement which is why we gain little ground in this war. you guys are amateurs.


Spignola spent considerable time and effort in supporting the official Sandy HookNose narrative -when the entire thing is provably false.

That is a simple fact.

Now as for being “Spiritually Immature” – would it make me more spiritually mature to start using illegal opiates? Just asking.

The war here is primarily a Mind War. Perhaps you have not grasped this fact. It’s primarily Psychological Warfare.

Case in point: Sandy Hook – ISIS – etc.

BTW, I did not attack you. Did I?

Fuck you punk.

Sandy Hook was obviously a staged event. The purpose? Gun-control. Pretty simple. Just because they didn’t succeed doesn’t mean anything.

9/11 was an inside job, they pulled that off.