Die Drachenhöhle Special w/ David in Texas

Satanism: What is real and what is bogus. Who are some of the frauds. (I will be discussing this topic more in-depth as a whole in the future so check back later for more shows.) This is a rebroadcast of an interview appearance by me on Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt on the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting Network on 7-7-12. Additionally, I will be exposing Anton LaVey for the fraud that he was and I will also play some audio about Nietzsche’s ‘Will to Power’ afterwards. Additionally a couple of audio clips on a discussion of Pan.

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11 years ago

Thanks David. Hail Satan!

11 years ago

hail Satan indeed!

11 years ago
Half-blood Prussian
11 years ago

This is al good and all, but I have found with the satanists I have contacted, they tend to push that the ancient Aryan men would fuck each other on a regular basis. That is quite unnatural, people tend to say “satanists worships nature”. How so? Could someone answer this.

11 years ago

True Satanism doesn’t deal with issues of sex. It deals with Spirituality. Satanist worship no one. Perhaps you should follow links posted for information?

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