Die Drachenhöhle w/ David 4-7-13

Tonight I will wrap up the Lincoln & Secession issues. I will be reading a speech by George Wallace on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I will also be reading an article on Julius Streicher. I will also be covering the Gun issues that I didn’t cover last week. Time permitting, I will read the commentary on the New Age Movement, Wicca & the Three-fold Law.

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John Sholtes
10 years ago

I just listened to the Mike Sledge show on George Wallace where he talked about jewish involvement in the shooting. It was one of the most important shows he ever did. No one is aware about how jews wanted Wallace out of the Presidential race and he had in their opinion to be eliminated. The information is very important and needs to get out there again. You should rebroadcast the show again. I’ll download this show and listen when I get time.

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