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7 years ago

I am happy to offend any time any place. No one has a right to not be offended. You are the only complainer at this time. Additionally, in my show, I am mainly talking mainly to retarded people who I know are listening from the events of past week who need a good kick in the ass.

7 years ago

Fucking awesome show Dave….TY.

7 years ago

Fantastic broadcasts, David. Everyone is doing a stellar job!!!

Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

Hey Dave brother, without making a value judgement on the occult organization “Golden Dawn,” I think it is a mistake to assume that the nationalist political movement in Greece comes from this, rather it probably has to due with the idea/concept of “golden dawn” in Greek mythology – like the “Golden Age,” or the various ages of man (iron, gold, etc.). As Lou commented, most of the young are neo-pagan/black metal kids, a lot of em are in bands, which are very anti-Christian. the move to include Orthodoxy is purely for practical reasons because most of Greece is still attached to the religion, mainstream wise, which I can excuse for purposes of obtaining power, as National Socialism did in Germany.

Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

In addition to the Founding Fathers being Freemasons, a lot of em were also Deists – which could also explain “Nature’s God” or the “Creator.”

7 years ago

All I was conveying was that was the first I heard of the name. While what you say about their name is most probably very true, in my opinion they failed to consider how it comes across to the world at large. Or, they themselves were completely ignorant of that fact. They should have done some research. First time I heard the name related to their organization, I thought “WTF?”. Are these guys crazy? If I remember correctly, I discussed the founders’ belief in a god when Kyle interviewed me about that topic on that defunct network. See interview show link on my bio here.

7 years ago

Also, Pan is still nature’s god. A very good description of Pan was in the audio segments in the Satanism show.

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