Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 6-2-13

More on Stupidanity Continued. Lies of the OT. What the Rabbis think of Satan. Other related material.

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Josh Harris

you fools, Mike Delaney has declared war on you
the following people endorse the war & will try to destroy you
John Friend, Anglin, Roberts, Yeager, William Finck, Eli James, Ryan Dawson
James Wickstrom, Dr. Carley, Benjamin Freedman



BTW – Anyone with a first name as a last name is a Jew. Eli James is obviously a Jew. Proves what we/I have been saying all along. I already owe Carley an on air insult. Nor will you ever catch me falling asleep on my on show. LOL!

Took them long enough. I declared war years ago.


Harris, these tools that you mentioned do not have the youth on their side. They are laughed at by my 21 year old son and his friends.

Another great broadcast. That documentary you played another part of is great. Carmen, please tell us what your son and his friends think of us!



Hey Siegfried, my son Dana and his friends really find you guys refreshing and honest. They relate very well to all of you. It really works I would say with the intros of the selection of music. I have exposed them to all the other sites and their radio shows and they really did laugh at most of them. You guys are reaching the next generations of young healthy Aryans. They need you!

With their retarded logic, to go along with their retarded religion, we should also allow whites who are Muslim in the fight with us. These people declaring war on us are future Do Do birds. (one word or two?) WE are the future.

Dana Antiochus

“declared war,” thats a good one. i think you’re a little off your rocker. is Benjamin Freedmen even alive? haha

Dana Antiochus

Hey Carmen, that’s awesome to hear – cool that your son has my name too, because of its androgynous nature people often say “its a girls name,” had to deal with that my whole life – but i love it for the uniqueness.

And to Dave, I do respectfully disagree – in my opinion the fight is so large and vast I would be willing to employ soldiers of other persuasions as an auxiliary force. Hitler did use the Bosnian muslims (Handschar division).