Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 8-4-13

Brief articles on Lughnasadh & Vlad Tepes the Impaler. I will finish The European Volunteer Movement in World War II & The Jewish Communist Genocide of Russia and Eastern Europe. If there is any time left I will start The Jewish Communizing of America.

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Would like to speak with you all about “The Ride to End White Genocide”. Thanks in advance.


Thanks Dave! Interesting info on Vlad the Impalaer. It really is frustrating that you keep getting cut off.

They cut me off right at 2 hours. It is clear this is being done on purpose.

Irish Sean

Lughnasadh is pronounced with the last two letters silent,nasa like in “Nasa, we have a problem?” Actually the gh are silent too.It’s should be just Lu Nasa.

Actually, the phrase is “Houston, we have a problem.” But thanks, I get the point. I knew they were silent from Wikipedia’s page. The pronunciation looked almost like the word “lunacy”. Thanks!