Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 8-4-13

Brief articles on Lughnasadh & Vlad Tepes the Impaler. I will finish The European Volunteer Movement in World War II & The Jewish Communist Genocide of Russia and Eastern Europe. If there is any time left I will start The Jewish Communizing of America.

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9 years ago

Would like to speak with you all about “The Ride to End White Genocide”. Thanks in advance.

9 years ago

Thanks Dave! Interesting info on Vlad the Impalaer. It really is frustrating that you keep getting cut off.

Reply to  Carmen
9 years ago

They cut me off right at 2 hours. It is clear this is being done on purpose.

Irish Sean
9 years ago

Lughnasadh is pronounced with the last two letters silent,nasa like in “Nasa, we have a problem?” Actually the gh are silent too.It’s should be just Lu Nasa.

Reply to  Irish Sean
9 years ago

Actually, the phrase is “Houston, we have a problem.” But thanks, I get the point. I knew they were silent from Wikipedia’s page. The pronunciation looked almost like the word “lunacy”. Thanks!

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