Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 9-8-13

I will have Eric in Texas on live to discuss the American Freedom Party and how he sees the movement’s current status. Also his take on the Syria situation.

Click here to download

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7 years ago

This Audio quality is sub-standard and the incoming/outgoing volumes are unequal.

These problems can be effectively resolved by backing up the BlogTalk recording via Skype and the free Skype MP3 Recorder. Record in ‘Stereo’ — that means it records incoming and outgoing on separate channels, which enables quick and simple editing using the free Audacity MP3 Editor.


P.S. When the audio is low on the other side, LOWER yours. Then folks can turn up their general volume level.

Reply to  WWS
7 years ago

Don’t have the means to so when I am forced to use a regular telephone because of BTR & their issues with Skype.

Reply to  David in Texas
7 years ago

Mike has the same problems.

7 years ago

P.P.S. For interviews, guests should be encouraged to use landlines.


Reply to  WWS
7 years ago

He tried calling in with Skype but the audio had static. Should he purchase a land line just to do an interview or 2 simply because of BTR & Skype? The issue is BTR.

7 years ago

Thanks Dave and Eric..Most informative indeed! I so agree that the right wing eventually dubbed the “blight wing” long ago has been a waste of time. This is America and we simply have to have an American solution to our problems with the reality of now. I think Ezra Pound while in Italy during WW2 had said that America does not need fascism. America already has it’s own system of laws. He said to just simply use them to our advantage. Too many White Nationalists or whatever all these groups call themselves live with a fantasy of Sieg Heil have escaped to 1933 Germany and are stuck there. How do we gather the best minds for solutions? There is no easy formula at the moment… Read more »

Reply to  Carmen
7 years ago

You are very Right!!!

7 years ago

Great Show David, I recently heard that there are private prisons in the US, that you pay to enter, after sentencing like a hotel to avoid the harsh state penetentiarys which are full of Hispanic and negro gangs. No doubt the price of entry will be out of reach of most people. It will allow the rich to avoid the same punishment as the average prisoner who has to live with ethnic violence in prison. like you guys say we need a slave rebellion on the international goy plantation.
I was listening to you guys on Jew Tube, where i first found you, but this web site broadcasts the music you insert as well as the talk radio which makes for a much better broadcast.

7 years ago

As always, another must hear show. Thanks David and Eric.

Reply to  troubles
7 years ago


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