Dinosaur News: Balkanization & Race Review (6-15-16)


John talks about the Magna Carta, sexually challenged club goers, what could happen with Trump, and what we need to do to make sure our future is secured.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

To think – we are now the hate speakers for promoting family values and decency. It’s absurd! The sooner we wrestle back OUR way of life from these deviant ( sexually challenged ) jews the better!
Keep spreading the butter John with the odd Hank Williams for good measure – keeps me sane!
PS Your songs are really nice.

Shield Maiden
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Isn’t it crazy that WE are the haters for not celebrating butt sex or objecting that (((they))) market it to kids?
On a different note, Beattie’s show is awesome. I love how he talks to himself during the show: “Listen Beattie boy, you gotta….”

Reply to  Shield Maiden
4 years ago

But isn’t buttsex how dildo parents are supposed show affection for their child? How else would a child ever know that their parents actually love them unless their parents gangbang them?

Reply to  SathingtonW
4 years ago

It is all so unbelievable.

Shield Maiden
4 years ago

Just finished the show. I can’t believe Beattie gave me a shout out for my commercial! I’m honored. 🙂

4 years ago

lol pig roasts, they work well for (((them))) too oi vey, another great show mr beattie boy, thank you sir

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