Dinosaur News: Double-Crossed Again (8-24-16)


Beattie boy talks about Trump’s betrayal of his base again, this time by pandering to the Mestizos and going back on his deportation proposal, then discusses Black Lives Matter getting massive funding, reviews some of the other happenings and history of the White struggle, gives suggestions for the legal underground defense units, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Trump is showing his true slimy self, even before he gets selected. Hypocritical, no conscience and a complete sell-out. Anything to close the deal. In fact, it will be the perfect business partnership with (((them))).
I bet “no borders” Mr Juncker has a 2m steel fence surrounding his 1000 acre estate. Would he want an immigrant camp on his land? I don’t think so. These dirtbags aren’t even trying to hide their arrogance and contempt for the great unwashed.
PS If anyone ever deserved the “big bad John” title music, it’s you Mr Beattie. Years of selfless work trying to wake up our sleeping race. Long may you shake us out of our slumber.

7 years ago

LOL Great intro song “Big bad John”, perfect.

Reply to  Rose
7 years ago

Thanks to ALL. Y’ALL keep me going .

Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

Just out of me diapers when I first heard that, great stuff !

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

John.B, your remark on music as being one of their mind manipulations (of later decades especially) is 100% true, I bet a man of your experience could dedicate something on this matter. I have a large collection late 50’s up till 2,000 or so that shows decade by decade, the *feeling* has changed to depict “eras”, in music video clips. you can even see a racial demographic change in the audience at live stage performances as time has gone by. Lots of messages or warnings in older music.

7 years ago

um, isnt this what liberals wanted? and now that trump is backtracking and catering to minorities, liberals still hate him. You just cant win with these clinton clones, so they shoudl be given no compromise.
fema camps for violent protestors

7 years ago

Big Bad Beattie-Boy does it again! Always a refreshing Thorsday to tune in to your Odin’s Day Transmission with many smiles to be had. Keep up the Great Work, NOTHING comes close to the Rawness of RENEGADE!

7 years ago

Good show John. Keep up the good work.

7 years ago

Listened to my first Beattie boy show today. What a great guy. Thanks, Beattie, I’ll be checking your show out regularly from now on.

Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

That was a good listen.
Any idea where I can get hold of Mr Bond’s – Blood & Soil ?

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

Here’s his twitter: https://twitter.com/Atavistic_Intel

Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

Thanks. I checked it. Full of Alex Jones an Co’. Disappointing. Couldn’t find the Music skit there unfortunately.

Circus Maximus
Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

Yeah and Natt rips on European history aka Paganism and calls it retarded. “How stupid do you have to be to worship a tree”.

Reply to  Circus Maximus
7 years ago

And what’s more, anti National Socialist too.

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

I do, however, draw the line at 1 mile high “Silicon Tree’s” that cannot possibly Photo-Synthesize (Silicon is not Organic). That’s distorting archeological facts, most of which go un-published.

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