Dinosaur News: Failures & Successes of Nationalists (6-29-16)


John talks about why he is optimistic about the future of Britain and the nationalist cause in general, but is disappointed that there were no real nationalist leaders to properly capitalize with public statements in the wake of the vote.

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Nick Spero
8 years ago
Ingrid B
8 years ago

Will listen later.. According to an article I read, Brexit was planned, the EU will collapse, and the US, and NATO have outlived their usefulness.. “the crown”is tilting toward China and the East.. Will .also check out Nick`s link later.

8 years ago

Brexit was a complete surprise to almost everyone. It wasn’t planned, it was a hammer blow to the establishment which will now seek to minimise the implications of Brexit. The out vote was won by the white English working class voters of the north and midlands. They have no political representation and are normally not heard. They made the most of the referendum though, and have won a famous victory.

8 years ago

Pro-White folks who support the kikejewed Kievan Khazarian Khanate in any way are making a mistake.

Here’s one of their “pro-white” fighters: http://vnnforum.com/showpost.php?p=2062004&postcount=4653

Hail Victory!

Reply to  Bob in DC
8 years ago

Hello Bob. Always informative listening and reading your work. I’ve an objection regarding the so called Khazarian hypothesis. Just because some jews have some Asiatic Khazarian ancestry, they shouldn’t be considered as one. I think it’s a mistake. They also have African, European, Caucasoid, and Indian Subcontinent admixtures too. Original jews were certainly started as a mixed-race group (crossbreed of Caucasoid migrants in north Africa that mixed with the Africans) and later on isolate themselves primarily with their maternal lineage for at least 3 millennia while infiltrating with their paternal lineage (since this day). That’s why a person is considered “jewish” if he has a confirmed maternal jewish ancestry (Paul Ramz! LOL). (Certainly the history of Khazars, as a Turk-Mongolian savage warriors is radically different… Read more »

Reply to  Yrton
8 years ago

The slave trading Khazars found commonality with the Jews and were not in competition with them as they were with the slave trading Muslims. Their Turk blood supercharged an already psychopathic crime syndicate cult.

Radhanite Jews of the first millennium were probably instrumental in their conversion to Judaism.

The original “Seljuk” of the Seljuk Turks was likely a staff member of the Khazarian ruling family in Atil before moving to Anatolia. Though he was a Muslim, his four children were given Jewish names.

Reply to  Bob in DC
8 years ago

Correct. I just wanted to see it presented clearly so it won’t make any confusions. As you know, many people, especially in the anti-Zionist Marxist-left sector like to portray the jewish power as a recent phenomena (post-Khazarian Empire) and blame those “evil white eastern European Khazars” by committing two fatal mistakes of not only omitting the jewish ancient criminal history but also portraying Khazar Asiatic invaders as “white”. Anyway, I’ve done a lot of research on the Mongolian history, particularly their short lived Empire, but wasn’t able to see a jewish trace in the affairs of Genghis Khan, Timur Lang, and other famous figures. I know that some jewish organizations have recently promoted Genghis, the genocidal maniac, as a noble man. Did any affairs existed… Read more »

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