Dinosaur News: Introducing Joyster (9-14-16)


John introduces his new co-host for the first hour of his shows from now on and they discuss news affecting the whole White world, with a special focus as usual on Canada, Britain, and the legal underground.

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4 years ago


Anthony Roberts
Reply to  John Beattie
4 years ago

Welcome Joyster – it’s great to have another wise lady join Renegade. You and John have good radio chemistry. Please stay!
PS Very enjoyable show.

4 years ago

Good show John Beattie and Joyster !
Just like to point out that in South Africa the Television ban ending coincided with the end of “Apartheid”. I think that says a lot !

Cheers !

4 years ago

Informative and hilarious. Thanks, Beattie Boy and Joyster 🙂
By the way, we have to figure out an alternative communication to the internet soon:
HAM Radio Basics- HAM 101

Shawna Marie
Reply to  Yrton
4 years ago

Interesting. I checked out the link & absolutely agree with you. We need our own backup communication network. Perhaps a Renegade HAM Radio Broadcasting?
Thank you for bringing this important subject up. Perhaps the LUDUs could get something like this started? Yrton you’ve got me thinking! Renegades are everywhere across this earth, if we have something like that already in place when they (((shut it down))) they might be in for a little surprise.

4 years ago

This dude’s making a 1,000+ mile contact (Minnesota to Florida) using a hand held ham radio.

Reply to  Yrton
4 years ago

Here’s an interestingly related website for everyone to check out – http://www.solarham.net/ This website was started by ham radio enthusiasts and has the words “All of your solar and aurora needs in one place!” in the title. I’m not into ham radio but found this site years ago when looking for info on solar activity. Apparently CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections or “flares” as they are sometimes known) and the resulting disturbance to our atmosphere have a big effect on radio frequencies. Simply put, if my understanding is correct, radio signals can be broadcast further around the globe when conditions are made favorable by the resulting effects of CMEs. I used to go there as it is one of the best collections of data on solar… Read more »

Shawna Marie
4 years ago

Dinosaur News just got even better. Looking forward to your future shows together. Welcome Joyster!

4 years ago

Joyster is my long lost soul sister! I love listening to you both.

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