Dinosaur News: Joyster’s Flyers & White Roundup (10-19-16)


In the first hour Joyster tells John about her great flyering ideas, which she will soon be implementing. Note: those are not Joyster’s flyers in the picture above, but it would be pretty funny if they were.In the second hour Beattie Boy lets us know what has caught his attention throughout the week and how the LUDUs are progressing. Music list

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

I saw the title, looked at the picture…OMW!! Joyster’s been nicked!! She’s made the mainstream jews! Sadly now locked up, in an orange jumpsuit, giving samba lessons to 300lb negresses lol !!!!! Fantastic show again both – lots of hope. Great questions Joyster. Let’s hope it brainwashes some sense into our white folk. Sorry for the dodgy link; just thought you wanted it straight from the mussies mouth. I looked at the British Bolshevik Corp link and they were very (((neutral))) Thank goodness for the sane folk of renegade. All these cults, gurus, agents, chaos magic, Slackers…it’s all jew bs. All toads (pepe) lead to Rome, er Israel. I’m with you John. We need to get away from all these nutters! KEEP IT SIMPLE FOLKS… Read more »

7 years ago

Good work.

Thors Disciple
7 years ago

Great Show once again John & Joyster!
Fabulous questions for one to ask a typical mainstream sheep, like everyone I know!
In regards to the stickers on Zazzle, there are 2 sizes 1.5″ and 3″ make sure you look for the area on the page where to select which you want.
There seems to be some confusion on this issue.
Enlarging any scanned graphic will always result in loss of resolution.
Keep up the excellent work!
Hail Renegade!

7 years ago

The “threat of sharia law” thing is a (((kosher diversion/distraction))) from the fact that USA (at least) has been under dinjoo-nuffin Noahide law since 1991; dinjoogle:
noahide law usa bush
Or check noahidelaw . org

Reply to  zigzag
7 years ago

So where are all these Talmudic sages that determine what acts are considered animal husbandry vs beast fucking?

Apparently their ‘Noahide law’ is full of double standards.

US tax dollars fund beast fucking ‘researchers’ like Margaret Howe. If your tax dollars fund beast fucking you can infer that your tax dollars also fund child torture/rape, interracial porn, and so on.

Reply to  zigzag
7 years ago

Thanks Zig
I heard about the Noahide laws recently and couldn’t get much info on them
Thank you for providing this
Someone had mentioned that the Muslims followed them too and there was mention of beheading.

7 years ago

Mail direct now : joysterrb@gmail.com

Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

Had to change it to joysterrb1@gmail.com

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