Dinosaur News: Looking for Perfection? (8-10-16)


Beattie Boy sings some Hank Williams tunes, talks about the Renegade chatters, mentions some current events in Canada and Britain, protests in China, the queer cabal, the legal underground, the overall state of the White struggle, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

You are a true white gentleman Mr Beattie. You speak for us all. Good humoured, wise, fair, but deadly when provoked.
It us our right and duty to expel these enemies of our people; especially the jews and their puppet officials who are behind the mass immigration and degeneracy agendas.
PS I’m with you and against balkanization of our countries. White men and women gave their lives for these lands. The jew and his proxy armies would still be close by and plotting. Expulsion is the only solution imo.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Expulsion? Whose wells would you poison?

Shawna Marie
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

I agree with an expulsion of all the parasites but they must be quarantined !!!!
They have a homeland now that cost us at least 100 million of our people lives most recently from the jacobins to the war on terror. Meanwhile our own traitors will be swiftly delt with for treason & all their other crimes.
After the expulsion.
A repatriation program of all non European foreign born, their children & grandchildren must take place.
All welfare for these people will end instead & they will be financially incentivized to return to their places of origin for good.

7 years ago

Beattie is a BOSS as usual!

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