Dinosaur News: Weekly Roundup of Whiteness (9-21-16)


For the first hour John and Joyster go through some some important topics for renegades, including how Joyster got involved in the struggle. In the second hour John does a round-up on his thoughts concerning the White movement around the world and what keeps him positive.

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4 years ago

Great show, folks. Beattie Boy really shines with the co-host, Joyster 🙂

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Thanks both – you lift our spirits. You cope so well with all this tech – with Shaun’s great help of course.
It’s hard not to get mad. Young and old white people here are more enraged about a baking show leaving the BBC, then their own genocide.
Forget about hordes of blks/arabs taking over cities, towns and now rural areas; how do you get your choux pastry so light madam? Only these ‘currant’ trivialities fill their fluoridated minds.
PS Edelweiss/Evalion’s jewtube channel has already been shoahed in the UK.

4 years ago

K.iss O.ur M.others love that. Great Show John & Joyster!

4 years ago

Like John, I too feel sorry for our fellow Renegaders who will never raised in an all-white environment. My mother taught me not to look down on black people, but that we did not socialize It was not until I went to a mixer at the Graduate Residence Center at a public university that I ever danced ballroom style with a black man, once, an African, and lo and behold, he then began to stalk me, insisting that I marry him and go back to Africa with him. No way, no how, were not the words he wanted to hear, In my later years, I have been a violent crime victim of blacks, all since the Civil Rights Laws were passed, and boy, do I… Read more »

Reply to  listerine
4 years ago

Listerine’s post here, makes the struggle all worth while.

mike angelo
4 years ago

Hey someone mentioned having rheumatoid arthritis at the beginning of the show. Check this out. It’s worked wonders for me.
The Paddison Program for rheumatoid arthritis.

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